Fighting Pimples

Pimples are not at all simple. These small bumps that appear on the  skin,  especially during puberty due to hormonal changes, can be extremely irritating, both from the physical and the psychological point of view. In my case, they exhibit a strange love and affinity. They consider my face as their eternal abode and so are not at all willing to leave. Whether it’s big and juicy or small with potential, there are many forms of blemishes, not limited to just blackheads or whiteheads or  so called acne.

It’s quite intriguing that they are prone to appear on my face when they are least expected! They’ve an excellent network. One appears on the left cheek, by the next morning, two more are on my forehead to give it company!

I remember my Freshers’ welcome. I planned elaborately with my friends to make a dazzling appearance. And you know what happened? On the very morning of that auspicious day, I discovered a small sweet pimple on my chin!! Everyone was staring at me, really….but with a strange emotion on their faces. Something like this.

Now I don’t want to blame anybody. And is it my fault that the zits are in absolute love with me? I tried to divert them with every possible kind of treatment. I applied  honey, tomato juice, mud pack, cucumber pack and every other edible or non-edible items on earth. But they vouched that they’ll not leave me. You rarely experience such faithful friends! But these friends have eventually got me in the most embarrassing situations of my life. Actually, pimples not only leave an aesthetical frustration on your mind, but also lower your confidence. I’m not trying to say that good look is the key to happiness, but it is a non-refutable fact that if one looks good, she/he feels good. And by looking good I mean having a skin which is devoid of such problems like acne and pimples.

Pimples can be painful too at times. Nothing can ease the pain before the due time. I’m sure people have experiences of such pimples when they’ve to attend the most prestigious appointments of their lives. Be it a date or an interview or a friend’s wedding. As pimples are more prone to appear on oily skin, it becomes all the more difficult to apply make-up when you’re up for an occasion like wedding. The pain is  not severe, but irritating and feels something like this….. 😛


It was my cousin’s wedding and following the tradition,  a pimple made a guest appearance on my forehead. I tried to hide it with a maang-tika. Everything was going well and I was quite successful in my attempt. Suddenly one of my aunties came and before I could understand anything, she took off the maang-tika saying that it was not going well with the lehenga! The move made me feel murderous and had I been carrying a gun, I could have killed her!


Such are the effects of pimples  and I can safely conclude that pimples have significantly affected my life.

I always thought that there is no permanent remedy to pimples before one of my friends, who is a professional beauty therapist, recommended Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash. I’ve been using it for a few months and it really works. Enriched with Neem Leaf and Tree Tea oil extracts, it fights against germs and helps to reduce the oil content. It’s deep-clean action works effectively to prevent pimples. It’s the best product I’ve used so far to fight against pimples. I recommend it to all who are facing such skin problems. In fact, the entire Garnier PureACtive range is quite good. To know more visit  Garnier’s website nopimplesnomarks.

This post is written as an entry for the Garnier Contest in association with Garnier Neem Face and Indiblogger


53 responses to “Fighting Pimples

  1. I can so relate to this post 😐 And not to forget annoying aunties at weddings who always find faults with our attires 😛 All the best deary 😀


  2. He he he … Maniparna .. concerned aunts and pimples don’t go hand-in-hand … I liked the way you have described the irritating pain by the cancer-claw-pins…
    I had a pimple only once in my life ..and as it was at the inner side of my ear so don’t know if its qualified to be a pimple or not … But yes I know that pain .. 😛


    • Hehe… I’m more experienced ..I had pimples thrice in my life 😛 I was in school but still remember the irritation. Fortunately, I’ve a normal skin type with no significant problems…. 🙂 But it was fun writing this post, (though made me think hard) 😀


  3. Hehe… Liked the homour. 😀
    It led me to think what if Monalisa in the painting would have lots of pimples, would then she be the choice of Leonardo despite having that infectious smile on her face?


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