ASUS Zenphone 6, the Camera and Some Clicks

I’ve  already discussed the general specifications of ASUS  Zenfone 6 in this post. I’m in absolute love with this device and the 6” screen is a delight while playing games or watching movies. Now, of course that is not the only criterion which has made me an ardent fan of this phone. There are much more in store.

The ASUS Zenfone 6 has a reasonably high-end rear camera. A 13MP camera with flash which is capable of shooting 1080p videos. The front camera is 2 MP only and can be used for video chatting, great for selfie maniacs too. ASUS has designed an excellent Selfie mode with the rear camera also, where the camera can detect up to four faces and captures images brilliantly and automatically. I’m not a selfie freak but still I experimented with it. The Zenfone’s PixelMaster Camera has some other features which give it an upper hand over other phablets in the same price range.

1-phablet 002

There are loads of manual options with the rear camera and  experimenting with them is fun. There are essential modes like HDR and Panorama, both work quite well. There are some quirky, fun modes too and I like the Time Rewind one most. It captures shots before and after you actually press the shutter button, in case the precise moment is missed. The low light mode is really impressive and capable of capturing good pictures. The image quality, according to me, is good enough and once you’re accustomed to the camera, using it becomes easier and fun. It doesn’t take a long time to come through with the features.

The fine detailing of the images is appreciable  but the phone is a tad bit slow as there is a  2 second delay between shots. It can be annoying at times. But overall the camera of Zenfone 6 is an experience by itself and unless you’re a pro, you can happily loiter around with this phablet only, keeping your camera aside.

Here are some specimen pictures which I clicked with the Zenfone 6 camera while strolling around a local park. The winter has added some nice colours to the trees and it’s always refreshing to capture the myriad hues of Nature with #MyAsusZenFone.


Absolutely no editing 🙂


The colour has been enhanced a little only.


No editing


Works quite well in high light.

1-ASUS 022

The Kolkatascape…taken using the Panorama Mode



29 responses to “ASUS Zenphone 6, the Camera and Some Clicks

  1. My arsus zenfone 6, the camera is not good at art. It’s likeblack and white. Please help with the settings


  2. Pretty good quality camera on mobile phone actually! Another great review Maniparna – I am just looking for new mobilephone, your review is certainly helpful! Keep them coming!


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