On Gardening

God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures— Francis Bacon

1-rose 011
Gardening is a journey towards optimism, a hope that drives you to look at the expecting buds numerous times; digging the soil to unearth bucolic treasures.  Whenever I caress the flowers in my garden, it seems Mother Nature is smiling at me. It’s like honoring her while you heal yourself from within. It’s about exploring the secrets of happiness that comes with every new bloom. 

1-HOLI 019-001

I will never forget the ecstasy when the first sprout of spring appeared in my garden. It was one of those early days when I was learning the art of gardening. The emaciated sapling made me feel like a proud mother, watching it growing every day was like observing my own child’s growth process. And, how lovingly I remember that endearing moment when it pronounced its powerful presence with small branches and leaves looking up to the sky as if they were welcoming the sun.

1-HOLI 027

The whole process of gardening is an enchanted learning by itself. The dirt in your hands, the sweat on your forehead, the slow growth of the plants, the subtle bloom of the petals, fragrance wafting through the wind- all these teach us patience, love, and care. Above all, gardening teaches us providence. 

1-fl 004

The ‘Green Thumb’ is the outcome of a verdant heart full of love. We can come nearest to Mother Nature through gardening. It’s about creating beauty; portraying a floral picture on the canvas of Nature. 

Whenever you feel low, just open the door and look at your garden, the plants will welcome you with a smile and you’ll feel an intangible yet strong bond with them- the bond of earth, the bond of creation, the bond of beauty.

1-rose 007

All the pictures are from my own garden 🙂 

72 responses to “On Gardening

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  2. Nice to see a lot of posts and photographs related to nature in your blog. As we progress in science and technology, nature is the casualty. Hope human race wakes up to the fact and started doing something seriously.


  3. I am always jealous of people having gardens. Since we live in an apartment, it isn’t possible for me to have one. Hopefully some day 🙂
    These flowers are very beautiful.


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  5. aww I too have a garden of my own,I just water the plants and smile at the bloomed beauties and fresh air of fragrance,my mom is totally into it,those words of the bringing up a child,she shares it with the plants…so they are my siblings;)Loved your post:)It was fresh and so very authentic s if you were directly speaking to me face-to-face:)

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  6. This is probably the most beautiful thing I have seen today. Each photograph and every flower is the epitome of unadulterated serendipity for me. The dirty hands and sweaty forehead reminded me of childhood when my father used to spend hours everyday with the few plants we had on our terrace. 😀
    Your love and perseverance have clearly shown exquisite results 🙂

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  7. They look amazing. Wonder how you find time for all these activities. As I said, your blog is becoming an all-round place for entertainment. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

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  8. I could not have agreed more on this Maniparna….my son got a tiny plant as a gift for mother’s day, from his school…..we have been tending it and I go through the same feelings that you have described here….seems like a third child at home….:)….the other two kids tend to it in a way that touches my heart…..every morning we check to see if another leaf has come up, how tall it has grown…..:)

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    • Exactly Sunaina! This is the way I feel too. Watching it every now and then as if they are growing every second.:-D But just can’t help it.
      I’m sure your kids will soon fall in love with gardening… 🙂
      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience….. 🙂


  9. Beautiful rose Maniparna, and a beautiful reflection on gardening. I guess it is the best way to connect with nature, see the whole process of creation, with the buds coming out, and petals opening one by one and blooming into flowers. My father does gardening every day, but I haven’t tried so far.

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  10. I wish I have green thumb, but you are right, flowers and green plants make us closer to the nature, especially when we have them in our own backyard. A wonderful reflection of gardening!

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