Her Brother’s Printed Tee

Vicky was in the seventh heaven that evening.

As the class representative, he was used to getting attention from the fellow students. The juniors always looked at him with much reverence and were always eager to have a chit-chat with him. Yes, all of them but one; Maitreyee. The resplendent demure stole every eye with her admission to the prestigious college. Not only with her beauty but also with her brilliance. It was love at first sight for Vicky. He had no idea that he could  feel in this way for a girl!

So it started. He never missed a single chance to have a frivolous talk with Maitreyee, but she never paid any extra attention to him until last Thursday. She smiled beautifully and nodded her head in affirmation when Vicky invited her to have coffee with him on the next Saturday evening. Never before in his life Vicky waited so eagerly for the weekend.

And, the coveted evening had finally arrived.

Vicky already spent about 20 minutes to preen himself. His sister Vinita was closely watching him with an impish grin. Vicky knew his sister very well, she surely had some clue regarding his rendezvous with Maitreyee. Though her silent smile was getting his goats, he didn’t utter a word.

But as soon as he was about to wear his favourite yellow T-shirt, Vinita pitched in.

“Bhaiyya, are you going to wear this boring tee for the evening?” 

“Yes, any problem? And, don’t call it boring…it’s my fav one”. Vicky was really angry.

“Oh! Bhaiyaa, I know very well where are you going and, that’s why I want you to look fabulous.” She said with a big smile.

Vicky felt a bit unnerved. Vinita had an excellent sense of dressing and styling. Didn’t he look good in this tee? What’s wrong with it?

“These one colour tees are out-of-fashion now.” She started again,”The new trend is Printed T-Shirt. Most of them have cool messages and graphics printed on them. With a variety of range and colours, these T-Shirts effectively makes one look natty”.

“Let’s have a look at printed tees online”. Vinitha opened a well-known shopping site in his smartphone and showed her brother.


After a few minutes, Vicky was really feeling foolish. How fashionable those tee shirts were in comparison to his drab yellow one. He wished he could buy one at that very moment.

“I know Bhaiyya what you are thinking. You want one such printed tee right at this moment, isn’t it?” 

Vicky smiled, “Yes, dear sis, but there’s no way I can get one in 5 minutes”.


Vinitha, like a genie, took out a packet from the cupboard.

“Here you go, bro. I bought this one as you birthday gift, but I think you need this more today. Go and win her heart”.  She chuckled.

Vicky hugged his sister and said, “A sister like you is a real gift to the heart”.

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26 responses to “Her Brother’s Printed Tee

  1. Wow…wish my sister had helped me when i went on to meet Saru for the first time. I wrote a post ‘Attire Matters’ on the entire experience that day and how i was awfully dressed 😛

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  2. For a chai date, it’s fine but if it’s a dinner date you should go formal. I would still prefer to be a bit formally dressed if I were to go on a date with a beautiful lady.

    Btw, that was not the point of this post, was it? 😉 😉 Good luck with the contest. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Naaice.. The printed tees sound like a very good idea, a great amount of customization as well and a great way of telling who one really is. I really like the idea and a clever way of weaving it into the post Maniparna 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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