There’s nothing like absolute security. It’s a relative thing. A ship is secure at a port but, are the ships meant to reside there only? Security is a state of mind that makes you feel safe, apparently, until someone or something with greater strength or intelligence finds you out or, rather, finds the weakest cord to break through your security.

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75 responses to “Security

  1. सही कहा, सुरक्षा वास्तव में सापेक्ष ही है। हैम जिस तरह से सोचते है उसी तरह यह महसूस होती है।

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  2. Life is anything but secure. Anything can happen anytime. It’s unpredictable. Maybe that’s what makes life exciting. My belief got even stronger after the last book I read.

    Nice post, different from your normal style 🙂

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  4. Straight forward truth, you showed in simplest words. Agreed, the security is a relative term. There can not be any absolute security.
    Great expression, thanks. Dr Bharatchandra Desai, Bilimora

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  5. Sometimes people worry about me traveling because of terrorists, or whatever. But I like you say there is no such thing as absolute security. If you worry too much you just stop living.

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