Loony Deep Within


I went down into a well of dreams,
Mirrors reflecting broken pictures
Of layers lying in my mind.
I skulked at their outrage!
The darker side of earthlings
Like that shining silvery moon
Waxes and wanes,
Sometimes full and sometimesΒ gone
Romping around or standing demurely.
The other side of existence
O, the Mind, gossamer webs
Standing alone, interconnected
I wish I never knew you!


53 responses to “Loony Deep Within

  1. And how did I missed it. It’s beautiful..things can be so different on other side.Sometimes full,sometimes gone…

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  2. A powerful piece Mani.. The Darker side of Earthlings.. These questions forever rise.. and fall like the waxing and waning of the moon… When do we ever find that balance… is it twilight or sunrise I know mankind still has much to balance deep within…. ❀ xxx
    Love and Peace my dear friend xx

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  3. This poem conjures up many images, oscillating between darkness and sunshine, balancing the mind. Love the expression β€œWell of dreams,” some such wells smother! Lovely reflections Mani.

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  4. I like how you admit there can be a darker side to us Earthlings. The full moon is a mysterious thing….things out of the ordinary tend to happen when it comes around. Your poem had a haunting feel and a good reminder that maybe we are all a bit crazy inside 😊

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