Teeny-weeny Surprises of Mother Nature

Mother Nature is full of surprises! While her gigantic creations easily attract our interest and awe, the teeny-weeny ones hide comfortably lying in inconspicuous forms in very front of our eyes. We often abnegate their beauties as we fail to see through them. Perhaps, that’s the reason they make us wonder more when we capture those unseen tiny objects through our lenses.

The true beauty of Nature lies in the minute details of apparently negligible creatures and objects.

“In a world filled with doubt
step into a garden
to know
Divine Intervention

— Mary Maude Daniels

Every speck of sand, every drop of rain, every unnoticed flower growing in the wilderness, silently sings the encomium of their creator. The loquacious silence will speak to you, every time you try to feel the happiness, the healing, the rejuvenation Nature is offering.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

— Albert Einstein

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83 responses to “Teeny-weeny Surprises of Mother Nature

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  2. It reminds me of my early childhood days when my Baba took Dada and me to nearby greenery to make us acquainted with Mother Nature. There was a big hill surrounded by jungles….i cant still forget that beauty of Nature…it was like a dreamland for both of us.

    On the other side of the hill there was a big tank popularly known as “Sarakar Pukur” ..showing the herons Baba used to teach us how should be our concentration and patience..

    Thanks for sharing this article. Beautiful photography. Beauty of Nature always attracts me a lot.

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  3. It is amazing that the creations of nature are so perfect. There is beauty in each grain, in each feather, in each petal but one has to have the eyes to observe and appreciate the beauty, as you have done in your words and pictures.

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  5. It reminded me of the poem …”Dekhite giyachhi parbatmala, dekhite giyachhi sindhu….dekha hoi nai du chokh meliya ghar hote sudhu dui paa feliya ekti dhaner siser upor ekti sisir bindu”

    Its really good to know about your feelings and thoughts about nature,nature contains so many beautiful things including the living tiny creatures. I have seen your attraction and affection for the beauty of nature…in your Instagram pictures of Jhora Pata, Sukno Daal…and i liked all those.
    Photography is very nice and loved the finishing coz it contains the words of my most favorite personality.

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    • Oh, yes… Rabithakur’s lines inspire us in every way, every day! He has written about all of our emotions and feelings…it’s almost impossible to think something without remembering one or more lines from his works!

      I really feel a great attraction towards Nature. Thanks for saying that you like those pictures of ঝরা পাতা, শুকনো ডাল, ইত্যাদি… ওসবের ছবি তুলতে দেখে মাঝে মাঝে অনেক লোকে আমাকে বোধহয় পাগল ভাবে… 😀 😀


  6. I agree with you Maniparna! I have to add, you have reminded us to look deep into Mother Nature’s creations which we may mistakenly, carelessly ignore! Your article took me on a little journey, halting at the times I’ve witnessed tiny beauties!
    Beautiful pictures enhanced by your beautiful thoughts & words! your photography is wonderful:)

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  7. Talking of the tweeny tiny things of mother nature, I remember the first time I looked down a microscope to see cells…It was such an exhilarating feeling! Every day, as a biologist in the laboratory, I spend so much time looking at and trying to dissect out the miniscule details of life…And with every new detail I learn I feel ever more grateful.

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  8. I can see Mani, you look deep into Nature my friend.. This is where we discover the real beauty.. For it is held within the minuscule, such marvelous creations that often go unnoticed..
    I had my blackbird with me in the allotments today almost by my feet as I was digging and he was gathering worms for his brood to feed in his nest..
    I never will tire of those teeny weeny surprises Mother Nature brings xxx ❤

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