Quikr Nxt Makes It Easy


Online classifieds have revolutionized the concept of buying and selling in India. No more going to the newspaper office to book a space for your ad, no more paying a hefty amount for a tiny 4 column advertisement. All we need is an internet connection nowadays. The largest and perhaps the best of online classifies companies, Quikr, has recently launched its newest product, Quikr Nxt. This is an innovative way of providing seamless transaction for its users. It is actually a messenger service, with the help of which customers can immediately connect with each other through chatting. The customers can avail this chatting service through the site or by the mobile app. Let’s discuss the salient features of Quikr Nxt and why it is a much convenient way to get connected with prospective buyers and sellers.

Privacy Policy

I think providing one’s personal mobile number or  email id in an open forum, is not at all safe. These days we often  come across news about online frauds. Sharing such details can be dangerous at times.  Quikr Nxt is an answer to this problem. A person no more is needed to reveal such details and yet can interact with millions of customers. Using his Quikr ID he can chat with people and this ID is the only point of reference. This is indeed a  measure which has placed Quikr.com quite a few steps ahead of its peers.

No More Phone Calls at Odd Hours

The very own Quikr Nxt messenger has also stopped the worry of getting phone calls regarding your products at a time when they are least expected. As millions of people nowadays use such online classified sites, the moment you place your ad on it, chances are there that you will get a dozen of calls. It sometimes is irritating. Similarly, if you share your email address, you’ll get hundreds of emails enquiring about different details of the product. It becomes a tough job to answer all of them specifically and as you left them unanswered due to lack of time and enthusiasm, you might be missing some really good and potential buyers.  Chat is thus the most convenient way to meet one’s needs effectively. You can share the details real time and without much ado.

Photo Sharing

This is the most impressive feature of Quikr Nxt so far. There are no easier means to  make a buyer convinced of your product than to show him some pictures of the same. The messenger enables a user to share photos of his product to the prospective buyers. You need not talk about it much, just a couple of pictures from different angles, and the deal is done! Sounds great, isn’t it? Quikr Nxt is really an effective way to reach millions of buyers/sellers without any hassle. There is no doubt about the fact that Quikr Nxt is the most preferred site for most people.

So, it’s time to say, “No fikar, chat Quikr” 😀

This post is written as a part of the Indi Happy Hour Campaign in association with http://www.quikr.com/ and Indiblogger


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