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Shopping is an integral part of our life. There is a little bit of happiness in buying something new, an instant gratification you may say. And no, it’s not a confession of a shopaholic, but a fact which hardly anyone can deny. The items in shopping cart may vary, from books to bed linens, but the amount of happiness is same. So what if I say that everytime you buy something, say apparels, shoes, books, watches or gadgets, you are sure to get some cash back? Sounds attractive and inviting ? isn’t it ? Now if you are finding this hard to believe, then just have a look in the portal of . A dream come true for every online shopper.

What TopCasback Is All About

Cashback websites are relatively new in Indian e-commerce scenario. Top Cashback is the most reputed and generous among all cash back sites which are currently operating in India. They allow the customers who are using their site to get a certain amount as cash back for their purchases in leading online shopping sites. They have listed over 200 merchant sites including big names to smaller niche online sellers. Although they are primarily a cashback site, they provide thousands of coupon codes as well so consumers can stack the savings.  As you can see in the attached picture they offer Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut for you if you’re a foodie as well as leading fashion sites if you’re averted from pizzas in order to maintain a size zero figure. Besides all leading sites have affiliation with them. You name it, they have it.


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How Does It Work, like all other cashback sites, works on the basis of affiliate marketing. They have tie-ups with other e-commerce websites and they get paid for each sale referred by their site. But the difference between TopCashback and other cashback sites is that TopCashBack doesn’t retain a cut like other similar sites, and for that very reason the customer gets the highest 100% commission rate cash back payment from their site !! ( YES , you’ve read it correct , 100%  commission rate cash back ). To make is simpler, the amount of commission a particular site offers them for the referral, they pay back the whole of it to its customers.

Sounds too good to be true? But it really is. Use the site to see for yourself.

Now obviously the question arises then how do they run the site? Well, they earn by those non-intrusive advertisements dotted around their pages.

How To Use TopCashback is easy to use. Even a child can do it. All you need is to open an account with them. It’s absolutely free to join and use, with no minimum withdrawal level and no processing fee. You can cash out one rupee if you really want to. You can also cash out immediately, as many times a day/week/month/year as you want, via NEFT ( National Electronic Fund Transfer)  No other cashback site provides these features altogether. You’re required to provide your bank details.  It is very secure and account numbers are encrypted, so be assured to have no concerns regarding the same.

To avail the cash back, whenever you want to visit your favourite online stores for a shopping, you must first login to your TopCashback account, then click through to the Myntra /Jabong/Amazon/Flipkart website and shop as normal. Your transaction will be tracked and then TopCashback will give you cashback.  You can redeem your earnings once your purchase is confirmed and validated. As simple as that.

For example , for every ₹1000 you’re spending at Jabong via TopCashback you would receive 11%  (₹110) cashback! Obviously the rate varies for different sites.

On an average their members earn around ₹   5,125 as cashback a year on their online shopping !! ( Shopping was never such a bliss )


Tell-A-Friend ( Referral Earning) 

TopCashback  also runs a referral program through which you can earn simply by referring the site to your friends and family members.


A Great Upcoming Opportunity To Earn More While Shopping

On the occasion of Independence Day, TopCashback is giving away an extra 6.7 % cashback on top of existing cashback offers, which will be an amazing opportunity for the shoppers. So, just go and open an account immediately to avail the offer, to save more from your shopping



Online shopping is booming in India and every day more and more people are indulging them to shop is the most generous cashbach site in India to offer you cashback in addition to the discount coupons from the retailers. A 100% trusted site who lives by the motto of  “do as you would be done by”. So, next time before buying anything online don’t forget to visit to feel happier with your shopping because you are saving along. Wish you a Happy-wala, Savings-wala shopping.


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  1. How do we get referral income. I find there is no referral link in your article to enable you to get referral income in case I joined by clicking the link. Is there any other conditions to earn referral income of Rs 500?


  2. I have referred 6 friends and everyone has clicked and create their IDs for online shopping through topcashback. So my earning is around 3000/-. This amount is also showing in my earning as a pending. Does they really pay this amount ? If yes then what should be expected date ?


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  4. Wow! That is a great news for new online shoppers like me . This is like double benefit . And Maniparna , you have explained it so clearly and nicely , customers like me is bound to bounce into it . Thanks a lot. ….. Suparna


  5. Very nice review 🙂 I have used topcashback before and also for cashback and coupondunia, very good sites to save money shopping online!


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