Thursday Challenge: Simple Yet Meaningful

Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. A theme is announced on this site each week. This is the first time I’m participating in this fun challenge and finding it really interesting. This Thursday, the theme is “SIMPLE” (Minimalist, One or Two Colours, Simple Shapes, Simple Things)


Deserted !

Deserted !

There's not always light at the end of every tunnel

There’s not always light at the end of every tunnel


Waiting for the dawn

Waiting for the dawn

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55 responses to “Thursday Challenge: Simple Yet Meaningful

  1. The mosaic floor generously attempting to give life to the stool though pallid; the shadow makes the brightness appears brighter; and black is always beautiful. Good capture.


  2. Mani sorry something went wrong.delete the ohter two comments 😀
    you have a way of seeing things and portraying it differently.keep it up and that is what is needed for a good poet.Regarding my latest haiku i can’t deny an inspiration which i heard from a priest.
    you do know jesus performed the first miracle in a marriage house.Their wine got finished and jesus simply said fill all the jars with water and later it turned out to be the most sweetest wine everyone has ever years after in a small class room a teacher asked his students to write about it.For two hours all the other students busily filled page after page with their thoughts. However, an young man just gazed out of the classroom window through most of his allotted time. Nearing the end of the period the examiner came over to him and insisted that he start writing or will fail the exam. The young man, who happened to be Lord Byron(British Poet), took up his pen and wrote only one line: “The water met its master and blushed.”


  3. About Deserted anything in the shades of grey, white and black intrigue me. And this is a well taken shot. The tunnel: interesting title. a pessimist way of looking into a close ended tunnel. Intelligent. Waiting for the dawn took my heart away.


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