WordPress Photo Challenge: Enveloped

1-Shantiniketan 035

Cocooned in its own chrysalis, 
As the  body covers the soul
As the mother wombs her baby, 
Tender leaf waits for the bloom.

My entry for the WordPress Photo Challenge Enveloped

86 responses to “WordPress Photo Challenge: Enveloped

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  3. Beautiful like the writer… I love to visit your blog my friend… 🙂 its like I am walking in a beautiful garden.. I love reading about nature… 🙂

  4. Wonderfully crafted, these lines truly reflect the essence of the lovely picture and the way one should see the nurturing of nature…like the line body covers the soul.

  5. Lovely and I think it is how we nurture the talents we have as well. As ever my friend you are incisive and thought provoking as ever.

  6. Is that a cactus beside our blooming plant?

    You have given a good explanation of enveloping 🙂 Great work.

    Happy weekend 🙂

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  8. Maniparna
    i find this very interesting especially your second line “As the body covers the soul”
    because i’ve always seen it as the other way round, the soul covering the body which to me accounts for aura which we can detect in some people but certainly not in all.

    Sorry for going on but you set me thinking.
    A fine offering indeed.

    Best Wishes


    • True, for some, a very chosen ones, the sanctity of the soul reflects itself …the aura as you’ve mentioned. But, I think, for mundane earthlings like us, we fail to discover the essence of the soul and, it remains covered by the body.
      Your words really made me think too… 🙂
      Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful thoughts…. 🙂

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