Haiku : Truth

Image Courtesy : Google

Image Courtesy : Google

truth, essence of soul

mind conjures up truth with lies

conscience, judgement, speak

Shared with Carpe Diem where the prompt ‘truth’ was inspired again by great Gibran 

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40 responses to “Haiku : Truth

  1. The last three words you have written ‘Conscience , Judgement and Speak’ are the hard parts when you are on the verge of ‘ Should I tell the truth ‘ Or ‘ Should I not?” Complex yet simple Haiku 🙂


  2. This is a powerful title, showing others how to respect each other. It seems there are several bloggers like to prevent the free, sharing and to exchange comments. I am in good hopes this is good a fresh start to everyone.


  3. I have some queries to you.This 5-7-5 achieving you confirm it with any online syllable checking website?
    Being a wife and busy person,how do you get time to do all this?24 Hours is long for me but i guess not enough for you 🙂


  4. Beautiful 🙂 i think i will share a malayalam movie dialogue with you.Truth is never sour it is just that lies appears to be sweeter 🙂 god bless 🙂


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