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fdgfgdfgd,love,heart,rain,window,rainy-5b31e8ebcd2526d4a0f0ff20f0ae5f47_hThe passion in your eyes , the ambrosial touch
Of your lips , acute and intense,
Being loved is such a bliss.
A million roses in my heart, I savor the smell of love
Breathless I become as I feel
Symphony in your touch.

My senses are all conjured up by your amorous words
Words,appear as rainbows in my sky
Warmth of desire making me shy.
The ‘too often profaned’ word has ultimate power
To stir one’s soul, to make one feel
Heaven’s just here on my windowsill.

~~This being a gift for my dear husband as we’re celebrating Β our anniversary today~~

Shared with “Poetry Pantry” atΒ Poets United


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