Through The Looking Glass

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dream-mirror-dreams-can-come-true-31082814-900-900An image crystal clear, a view of my soul
Nothing can I hide from you
Clandestine affair or a story untold.
Not just a look but looking through
The pride in my eyes , black truth or white lies
You’re the only friend to listen and care
To reflect my thoughts and share
The depth of my inner-self
So close we are , together.
As happy as I was , talking to you
My past and my future, years gone by
I want to give you a hug ,mirror on the wall
Oh ! but you keep staring , a thousand eyes
After the great fall.

Inspired by P.U. Mid-Week Motif ~ Mirror

28 responses to “Through The Looking Glass

  1. Yes! The mirror is the only “animal” who often threatens me. It makes me realize how bad I am; It tease me for how little I know; Yet, sometime when I look into it and stare directly into the eyes of reflection, I find that the reflection in it is much better than Salman Khan. O’Mirror, how true you are!!
    You always make my wife wrong as she says, “Yusuf Pathan looks better than you.”


  2. Lovely! That mirror, if it did fall into 1000 eyes, could still be friend to the narrator though sometimes it may not feel that way. To be seen that well is a great and also a scary gift.


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