Once Upon A Time

1-rose petal

The olfactory receptors often induce a surge of memories. The smell of old books conjures up a recollection of childhood memories, of fairytales and granny, who used to read me those stories at bedtime. The fresh fragrance of frangipani flowers reminds me of long summer afternoons spent at my maternal grandma’s house. Isn’t it pretty interesting that such smells, most of the time, register memories entwined with our childhood? At least, I’ve experienced it in that way.

I’ve minimal furniture at my home. I don’t like clutter; it makes me feel like a claustrophobic. So, I often have to shuffle things to make space. As I was sorting the books, which definitely are prioritized over other things, suddenly a light-blue envelope slipped from one of the tomes. As I opened it, few petals of a dried rose, as thin as paper, appeared. A few moments; the sudden rush of memories almost dazzled my thought process for some time. It was like facing a few thousand-watt flood light just after emerging from a dark cave!

I could almost see that tall, not-so-fair boy with big, clever eyes and aquiline nose. He didn’t say anything, handed me the envelope on a rainy evening. I didn’t return the favour. Never exchanged a word after that evening. Still, I retained the envelope quite painstakingly. Why? I asked myself. Deep down, a voice whispered, you know! Or maybe, you never know!

10 responses to “Once Upon A Time

  1. This post can easily make someone nostalgic and can trigger the brain to remember some special forgotten memories. Loved the presentation and specially loved the last line of the second para.


  2. Sometimes we will never know and we can only wonder and ponder. Some people will leave strong impressions on us that we will never forget…and we might also be left wondering who they really are. Hope you are well, Mani. Very well written 🙂


  3. Nice Mani 🙂 I am reminded of a particular game of golf I played with a great friend, every time I smell Dandelions which have been just mowed over. My friend passed away about 20 years ago and still that memory is triggered. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of him (Harvey). 🙂


  4. Wonderfully penned, and something we can all reate to even if it hasn’t happened as you describe. I hope you weren’t hot too hard by the recent bad weather.


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