Mother Nature, She always is There to Inspire Me!

The beauty of Mother Nature is never passé. It inspires me to live on in spite of all the odds. The dull leaves of winter, the broken, dried petals, the newly-grown fronds or the aspiring blooms of spring, Nature inspires us in all her forms. She reminds us that everything is ephemeral, imperfect and still is beautiful. The wabi-sabi philosophy, you may say, but I like to interpret it in this way. Whenever I take a walk, alone, for thirty minutes, or even for ten, it lifts my soul. I always come back with that much-needed peace.

“Moments of solitude with Mother Nature is sunshine to a soul.”

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22 responses to “Mother Nature, She always is There to Inspire Me!

  1. I so agree Mani, nothing can beat the joy of walking the lanes and by-lane of nature soaked in solid solitude and there is inspiration in every piece of nature, just that we need our senses to be in sync with the beauty and bounty of nature. The very thought that we see such beauty in the bounty of imperfection in the world of nature…is a testimony. Therein lies the magic of the moment we are moving with the motion of nature, we keep nurturing our emotions which needs the means to express….expression is the very essence of human nature. Unfortunately, we keep suppressing our emotions, it piles up and we maintain distance with nature, we are disconnected and in the process we create a heady cocktail of distress and depression in our life. Walk and nature is so close to my heart…thanks for igniting that thought.


  2. Your photography has always been Charming to the point of marvellous.Your words are reminiscent of the romantic poets of Bengal to the distant lands of Britian.I hope you are doing well di.Onek bhalobasha roilo,didi,Emon e charming theko whole life.


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