Birds We See Around: Flameback Woodpeckers

A few days ago, as I was watching the usual birds picking grains and fluttering around, suddenly, the garden, dazzled up with the presence of this Black-rumped Flameback Woodpecker!! I was literally stunned by its beauty and, it took me a few seconds to grab the camera lying nearby. The spiffy beauty stayed there hardly a minute, did a quick reconnaissance of the garden, and, to my chagrin, flew away. Had it been there for a few more seconds, I could have clicked some more decent pictures. However, I was happy with the outcome, or, rather, complacent with its arrival.


I had never seen a woodpecker from such vicinity! I was not sure whether it would return again, but, to my surprise, it came back the day before yesterday with its mate. The two of them were perhaps in search of a suitable tree where they could dig holes to make their nest.

Thre are about 200 species of woodpeckers and they are found in almost all countries except the extreme polar regions, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar and New Guniea. They have strong bills (beaks/rostrums) which help them to drill holes in the trees. They are sapsuckers, that is, they primarily feed on theΒ sapΒ of trees. They also eat insects found in trees.


Like theΒ sparrows, the woodpeckers are not passerines but are called near-passerines. Unfortunately, like most other birds, woodpeckers have decreased in numbers as well.Two species of woodpeckers in the Americas, the ivory-billed woodpecker and the imperial woodpecker, have been considered extinct since the mid to late 20th century, though there have been possible but disputed sightings of ivory-billed woodpeckers since 2004.


90 responses to “Birds We See Around: Flameback Woodpeckers

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  3. Raising population, global warming, technology, factories, concrete jungle takes their natural habitat from them which leads to extinction. Apart from this what fascinates me about you is your words. the way you express each and every tiny bit of event. Really I like your art pieces.

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  4. Wonderful to see such a beautiful bird land in your garden.. Such striking colours.. I hope the pair find a suitable tree and set up home.. Now wouldn’t that be a wonderful New Year Gift to bring up their family within your view..

    Sending you my well wishes Mani for a beautiful Happy New Year.. May it bring Peace and Fulfillment, Love and Joy.. Health and Happiness..
    Hugs πŸ˜‰ Sue xx

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