Birds We See Around: Black Redstart


I wrote about this tiny beauty earlier on my blog. That was the beginning of winter here and, the Black Redstart first appeared as my guest. It has become a regular visitor these days and likes to spend most of the time fluttering around. In my last post, the picture I provided was taken by my mobile phone. Now, as I’ve clicked some more pictures of the Black Redstart with my camera, here’s sharing them with you. If you want to know more about this tiny migratory bird, kindly visitΒ thisΒ post.



78 responses to “Birds We See Around: Black Redstart

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  3. Such a fabulous capture on camera.. I look forward to the birds who visit my garden in winter to brighten up my winter days.. None greater that our Robin who has a bright red breast..
    Lovely images.. xxx


  4. We have all knowingly or unknowingly distancing ourselves from the nature and we are rapidly getting immersed in the virtual space…the real beauty of life is being with nature and nurturing our senses and emotions and feelings with purity and tranquility…we keep hunting for nature and here you are the nature has landed in your home, the beautiful bird is there and we would love to have that bird knocking our window every morning and this makes us feel bonded with the power of nature…

    The Black Redstart is no more a guest at your house, it has made your house a home for itself and there has to be that comfort and care why we feel at home at some places only…perhaps it has started understanding that caretaker is really taking care of her and the shift from a small device of mobile to a proper camera must have been closely noticed by the little champ…such serendipity is what makes life and living simply so fascinating.

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    • Hahaha πŸ˜€ yes, the little birdie must have been happy to see the promotion from the mobile to a proper camera. I’m a nature person. I love to spend time amidst nature and I really find beauty in the tiniest things…in the imperfections of Mother Nature. Even in the imperfection, she follows a law. Perhaps, this is what we call wabi-sabi… πŸ™‚ .

      Thanks a lot, Nihar, for your thoughtful comment, as always… πŸ™‚

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      • Thanks Mani for sharing a new phrase, I was not aware of this “wabi-sabi”, I was just reading, it is quite interesting, the Japanese philosophy of “transience and imperfection”, things revolving around impermanent and incomplete, offering a completely new outlook to look at home and life…
        So do I, love to be with nature and nurture my senses and indeed this very imperfection in nature is what makes us feel better and takes us towards that perfection.
        Isn’t it such relationship outside the human circle with nature like birds and animals makes us feel so fulfilling…

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