I’m Back!

So, I am BACK after a brief blogging hiatus. Monsoon is still to come in my city, Kolkata, but I had to visit Mumbai, my second most favourite city and, rain has started to pour in there.

And, I just couldn’t help myself penning the ecstasy of touching the raindrops, wearing them while standing on the rooftop….

For all my blogging buddies, I was really missing you and your wonderful posts, will catch up as soon as possible. Wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


From the Diary of A Pluviophile

It’s raining.

Every green is young
Every flower is resplendent
Every cloud is impregnated.

With the sky kneeling down
In the horizon.
Smelling the earth.

As the drops coming down
Making the presence of God
Palpable in the beauty.

I wish I could fall with the falling
In ecstasy of loving
The drenched ethereal lilt.

It’s raining.


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