WordPress Photo Challenge: Curve


The Curveย of nature, mysterious and majestic, inspiring awe even from a distance; standing as a rampart safeguarding the pristine Mother in the presence of eternity.


31 responses to “WordPress Photo Challenge: Curve

  1. The raw power of the earth to create such curves is a fascinating and awe inspiring thing. I love to appreciate such mind boggling things and reflect on what life really is.

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  3. Rivers, mountains, and blooming forests constitute the bounteous dowry received by Mother Earth; so goes the strain of an old song in my native language, and your artistically conceived curve of nature is equally musical…

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  5. Mountains and oceans always inspired awe in the hearts of even the greatest of men. Be it Hannibal, Changez or Caesar. Comparing there grand majesty and age to our own puny existence and ego, we are humbled before them. Alexander tried to breast the Alps. Long after he’s reduced to dust, those Alps are still standing proudly – unconcerned, majestic, arrogant, heralding their superiority over one of the greatest warriors of mankind!

    Loved the photograph and the description! ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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  6. I enjoy how you challenge yourself to see the world around you with a new perspective. The beauty inside of you is released in every work you present to us. We’re very lucky to bear witness to your creations. โค

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