1-pinic 130
As raindrops froze one by one

Imagine yourself to climb up
Stepping stones of happiness
Ethereal enchantment.

Teardrops froze on the cheeks
Leaving their footsteps 
Etched forever as scars
Deep withing the heart.

Memories flow, freeze, but
They never evaporate….. 

94 responses to “Disjointed

  1. Reminded me of a song Memories never Die which happens to be a title track of a malayalam movie. Also reminded me of a poem I wrote long time back….Memories never evaporate. 🙂

    Good one!

  2. A beautiful poem… May those frozen droplets soon melt as we learn to let them go back into the ether keeping only the traces of their salt… A substance we all need in our lives.. Joy…. and Pain……

    Lovely poetry and theme..

  3. Wow Mani.. Very beautiful poem. Loved it. Last few lines of this poem are so awesome. ‘Memories flow, freeze, but they never evaporate.’ Loved this line. Have a great day Mani. 🙂

  4. Beautiful poem! Love how you describe memories. It’s so hard to forget them. Thought they might become a bit sketchy over time, the feeling they leave with us often never leaves 🙂

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