Haiku: Journey



take the world in stride
journey, the natural flow
of reaching the end


48 responses to “Haiku: Journey

  1. During the early 90s, there used to come an ad of now extinct Vinod Suiting in the then in vogue DoorDarshan. It began with the same opening lines: ‘ Take the world in your stride, Vinod.’ or something like that. When I read the opening lines of this haiku, it kicked me down in the nostalgia street!

    Loved the image and the haiku. You and Somali are truly experts! You should have been born in 6th century Japan! πŸ˜€


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    • Haha, I can’t recall the advertisement, but Vinay below has said, it was about a brand, “Dinesh” πŸ˜€ Whether it’s Vinod or Dinesh, doesn’t matter though, but, now I’m really intrigued and will give a thorough search to find it out… πŸ˜€

      Somali really does excel in the form!
      By the way, I would have loved to born during that period, Japanese women enjoyed much power and independence at that time… πŸ˜€

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      • Right! Dinesh it was. Sunil Gawaskar used to model it. I remember it because my English was pathetic during those times and I loved to listen to English songs to improve it, though I understood none of it. These English jingles were something I could not only understand but could sing too, so I memorized them. Another such gem was a Reliance Suiting ad: The formal man, of the nineties. The choice of black, it will be. Only Vimal. Incidentally, black was my favorite color too, so loved it. The current command in the King’s Language is a result of crazy hard work. πŸ˜€

        Women were always respected in the orient and always were powerful. Why do you ignore our own goddess, who had the guts to attack the god, who ruled death, Mahakali? Wo to aaj janta pagla gayi hai, but I’m sure that they will come around.

        You both are brilliant. I may be hopeless in haiku, but I do understand the spirit. After all, it’s not necessary to lay an egg to make an omelet! Bina haiku likhe bhi haiku ko samjha ja sakta hai. πŸ˜€

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