Ezebee.com: e-market For Your Products

Have you ever seen artisans in rural areas who make earthen utensils with impeccable skill and creativity? Or the women who produce beautiful images with vibrant hues on clothes through painting or stitching? There is no dearth of creativity and, skill around us. Once in a small village in West Bengal, I came across a lady making beautiful miniature statues of gods and goddesses with dried leaves. Unfortunately, such creative works never see the light of media and marketing for those persons neither have capital nor experience or infrastructure to produce a market for their products. Not only such people but even many of us make different handmade products as a hobby. They have productive ideas, but they just don’t know the ways to market their products. Some have small businesses, but fail to reach a greater community for some reasons or another.

To help such small business or brands and to provide them a free online marketplace, to enable and create access to businesses around the world, Ossian Vogal and Frank de Vries launched ezebee.com in February 2013. Exhibiting the products and selling online could be of immense help to small entrepreneurs. But the expense being an exorbitant one, many fail to do so. Ezebee is an easy and ready-to-use platform where you can sell your products directly and can reach to potential customers globally.


Start-ups have to struggle a lot to get themselves going online. Here on Ezebee, products can be displayed directly to consumers thus minimizing the marketing cost and maximizing the profit. One can easily sign-up, create a profile displaying the products available with appropriate images and, thus creating a free online shop. Setting up an online business was never so easy! Now anyone with a creative skill can become an entrepreneur.

You can sell anything on Ezebee; from dresses designed by you to handmade paper bags or bookmarks. The consumers can also refine their search to specific cities so there is also scope for local markets.

Screenshot 2016-02-23 02.31.08

If you want to start your free online shop, be an independent entrepreneur and earn money while working on your own terms, try out Ezebee.com that provides creative individuals with a marketplace all over the world!



*This article is written in collaboration with ezebee.com*


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  1. Indeed. .
    We have tried with skill development in association with something which is planned fort them and often ignoring their own potential…. This is something which is more personalized…. Hopefully it will help !! Thanks for sharing

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