Believe in Yourself #KhudKoKarBuland


Be prepared and charge forward!

Life is an ongoing process. It throws challenges at us every day. Those challenges are the greatest tests of our determination, dedication and perseverance. Sometimes, it gives us a few moments to decide the next step which becomes vital in the long run. The mental strength and, the ability of mind shown during that few moments determine the way we are going to live in the future. Life never looks back; it’s beautiful, but brutal at the same time.

Failure Is the condiment
That brings Flavour
To the broth Of success.
We have to tame
Failure with our
Indomitable determination

Being challenged in life is inevitable, we all have experienced that. But there are some people whose ability to overcome hurdles and, success story remain etched in our minds.

They are not great persons, not the famous ones, still, they succeed in creating an impact through the ways they face life as it comes and always having a plan to deal with uncertainty. Ajay uncle is one such person.

Ajay uncle lives near our house and is a well-known face in the locality. He is the owner of 15 auto-rickshaws now. But only a few years back, he was in a position no better than a homeless beggar. His father died an untimely death and being an employee of a small private firm, saved almost nothing for the future. It was a time when the family had fourΒ members, Ajay uncle’s two younger sisters, mother and he, himself, with no income as such. He was in the final year of his college with his sisters still in school. It was becoming impossible for him to make the both ends meet and, he was compelled to drop his studies midway. But, he was intransigent with the studies of his sisters. Since getting a job was almost impossible for without a degree, he formulated a new plan to earn and started working as a rickshaw driver.

He never felt any disgrace about his job, nor he had any complaint towards life. He used to say, “adverse time gives us more tolerance and power, it refines us like gold.”

Ajay uncle worked day and night. He knew he had to overcome this phase of life with hard work and tenacity. Only these qualities can make him resilient of his current situation. Not that the family had no friends or relatives. They had many and, some even offered financial help. But, uncle’s self-esteem refrained him to seek help from others. According to him, physical sufferings were much more welcome and endurable than the mental ones. He was motivated to save and plan a better life for himself and his family.

After working almost without any off-day for two years, he pooled his savings, took a loan from a bank and, bought his first auto-rickshaw. He worked with the double hardship to triumph over the adversities of life. His perseverance, planning and hard work paid. Today, he is quite well-off.

Ajay Uncle’s life taught me one thing. That life is not an easy-going, dazzling thoroughfare; we must have the determination, the foresight and most importantly, the confidence to succeed. We must believe that we have the ability to attain our goals, we must believe in ourselves and also we need to plan for success. #KhudKoKarBuland






112 responses to “Believe in Yourself #KhudKoKarBuland

  1. What a lovely story?
    So true and I can fully relate to, and I seen so many people like Ajay Uncle who have changed the destination and never was a prison of destiny and questioning one’s fate. It is all in the belief and the tenacity to fighting the challenges in life and there is indeed no dearth of such hurdles that keep coming and comes almost from all directions. Yes, there is no alternative to hard work and honest effort towards the dream we all wants to make it a reality. Time is the bridge and we should keep traveling with determination and never loose our hope, after all the “hope is the force of life”…

    Indeed life is not easy but at the same time if we keep working and overcoming the challenges of life, life is indeed truly beautifully.
    Thanks Maniparna for sharing such an inspiring story and as usual you do so with such lucid use of words…


  2. I really liked the wonderful and inspirational story here. Ajay Uncle overcame his adversities very admirably, Maniparna. What a lovely, true story to share with us. β™‘ Hope he continues to reap the good things he deserves. Smiles, Robin

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  3. I know a person called Ajay who is called uncle by me, cos he is older than me (I remind him that he is older,lol). The Ajay uncle in your story looks more determined and hence more successful than the person i know.

    Good read, was an inspiring story.

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  4. “Being challenged in life is inevitable” This is so true. Life is never a bed of roses and often things don’t come to us on a silver platter. We have to work hard to get where we want to go.

    That is such an inspiring story. Ajay certainly was a strong man and put his family before himself, and took care of everyone. Amazing to hear that he is so much better off now after working hard and building up his rickshaw business from scratch. I am sure his family are greatful and proud of him ❀

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    • The key to success lies in how we are taking those challenges and much hard work we are putting in to become triumphant! Those who fail, eventually become unsuccessful…. πŸ™‚

      Yes, his family is much bigger now, with his sisters got married. He is a bachelor still… πŸ™‚


      • Those who fail are often those who made the choice to not try again and instead move on to something else. When we put in hard work, we create opportunities for ourselves.

        Awww, he is working too hard and forgetting to have a social life πŸ˜€

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  5. This kind of inspirational posts are evergreen ones. When going through the dark, such stories will fill the confidence back in us. Seeing Ajay ji and knowing him personally is an amazing time. His life will definitely impact you Maniparna, thank you for sharing this real story. ☺

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  6. What a beautiful life learning from Ajay Uncle. He is an inspiration! – you put it beautifully – ” life is not an easy-going, dazzling thoroughfare; we must have the determination, the foresight and most importantly, the confidence to succeed.” important message!

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  7. Very inspiring post Mani.. very true, life always tests us by throwing challenges at us. we have to learn from them and move forward. i liked the line, ‘Life is beautiful, but brutal at the same time”. Loved the inspiring story of Ajay uncle and his journey from a disastrous situation to the owner of 15 rickshaws. It is determination and efforts that makes us great. Have a great weekend.. πŸ™‚

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