Affimity: Interest-based Interaction For You

Social media is now an inseparable part of our existence. The adage humans are social animals has been rightly proved with so many social networks running successfully. We have become almost addicted to them, knowingly or unknowingly. The world has become a much smaller place and, we now have friends in almost every part of this planet.

But, have you ever considered the fact that most of the networking sites concentrate on making newer connections and friends only; they show us friend suggestions, friends’ activities, what they are doing right at the moment, what they are liking, blah blah blah. Our timelines, walls, or boards are thronged with news our friends have shared. Even if I don’t share the same interest as that of my friend, I’ve to let her/his news cluttering my news feed. We can make some groups, or amend to some extent, but we don’t have total authority to what we are seeing or would like to see. Isn’t it embarrassing to get politically biased news from some friend when you’ve no particular interest in politics? Isn’t it a nifty idea to receive only those stories on our newsfeed on which we exhibit interest?

So, let me present an innovative social networking site where you and only you are the master of your newsfeed. I recently have opened an account on Affimity and, I’m really liking the interface. It is designed to bring like-minded people together. It’s an amalgamation of interest-specific social channels. It means you’ll see streamlined content, you can curate them according to your interest. Affimity lets you select your own genres and, shows you articles or posts based on your selection. You don’t have to see articles on Theory of Relativity if you’re not interested in it!

Screenshot 2016-02-15 04.01.02

As a blogger, I want to reach more people through social media channels. I use Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, but sharing on these portals doesn’t always ensure a feedback. The reason being the same, not all of our friends have the same liking or interest. But, as I shared one of my posts on Affimity, I got 148 ‘likes’ and, 10 comments within a few hours! And, none of them came from ‘friends’ as I was a total newbie. Reason? It was shared on the right channel with people enjoying the same passion. I even got traffic directed to my blog from the site.

Check out my post on Affimity

Isn’t it exciting to be part of a social site that is tailor-made for you? Blogging is a passion for us and, it’s always an enjoyment to meet people sharing the same enthusiasm. Even if you are not a blogger, you can experience the next-generation, clutter-free timeline experience with this site.
If you’re mulling over opening an account, kindly join me here on Affimity.


65 responses to “Affimity: Interest-based Interaction For You

  1. Social media doesn’t really garner me much these days, mainly because I don’t have time to spend with them. WordPress seems my best bet but I will check this out when I have the time.


  2. That is news to me Mani, thank you for sharing this info. I absolutely agree that we have no control over what we want to see and often end up wasting our time over unwanted pics and posts from those we don’t even know!
    I must check this Affimity. 🙂

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  3. Yes Mani.. With everyone being connected by social media networks, seems as if the world is small.. 😉
    And Affimity.. Seems amazing as it filters out our feed according to our interest.. Great I will check it out. Have s great day.. 🙂

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  4. This is quite impressive Maniparna, I am quite amazed at the innovative ways the social media is taking shape in.. Kudos to one Facebook that has really made a sizeable revolution! 🙂


  5. Quite informative. I have come to know about Affimity here only. I will definitely give it a try.
    Social media is bringing us closer, but virtually. Actually, we are getting drifted away from our family and friends. We hardly see them nowadays, whereas we meet them, talk to them virtually on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, etc much frequently.
    Yes, social media has made the communication easier, faster and also, on real time. Nowadays, I don’t have to wait for getting letters and cards, but I do miss the personal touch — the handwriting, the signature. Maybe I am sounding Jurassic! 😉

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