Weekend Destination From Kolkata

The cacophony of concrete throughout the week makes us feel like a robot. We work mechanically, but weekends come as a great relief. I never miss the chance of having a long drive to some places around Kolkata, a three or four-hour drive with family and friends acts as a detox.
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This time, we chose a small forest near Bishnupur, in Bankura district. Joypur forest is only 10 km from the temple town of Bishnupur. We decided to take the state highway through Dankuni and, as we started early in the morning, around 6.30 am, the traffic was not so annoying. If you wish to start later during the daytime, it is rather advisable to take the Burdwan-Arambagh road, NH2. It takes 3 hours (approximately) to reach the only place to stay there in the forest, The Banalata Resort. Either way, the condition of the road is terrible at some places with numerous pot holes that no way look lesser than the craters on the surface of the moon! So be prepared for that.

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Once you reach the resort, all your stress literally takes a break. Nestled within nature, with sprawling lush green fields that dazzle with brightly-coloured flowers and freshly-grown vegetables, Banalata Resort is a perfect place to relax with absolute peace for a day or two. The resort maintains a perfect ecological balance and all their agricultural products are produced by using organic fertilizers. They rear birds like turkey, emu, quail, swan, duck, and one can order a dish like quail kasha or roasted turkey. Fresh meat and eggs along with vegetables galore surely have given it an edge over any other resorts of the kind.

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Accommodations varying from a range of  INR 2500 to 4000 with rooms well-equipped with all modern amenities are available. But, it’s better to arrange for a reservation before you start. The food is an absolute delight, the scrumptious prawn malaikari or doi-bhetki is sure to make one drool over it. They even prepare rosogollas and doi (curd/yogurt)  in the dairy. A multi-cuisine restaurant is at your service and room service is done without any extra charge.
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You can roam around in the nearby forest, but honestly, the forest has nothing to offer if you are looking for any adventure. A jeep safari through the forest tracks would definitely provide you with immense thrill, the wind heavily laden with the exotic smell of wildflowers, Sal, Palash, and Neem trees would drift you along with nature. There are various birds and you are supposed to see the migratory ones if you visit in winter.

So, if you are planning to take a break from the mundane, monotonous city life and are wishing to spend a day or two enjoying the bucolic setting, Banalata Resort is the ideal place for you.

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67 responses to “Weekend Destination From Kolkata

  1. “Banalata Resort” sounds like Banana resort. But I see it’s not renowned for bananas 😀 It does look like a relaxing getaway, being surrounded by nature like that and animals that run wild. That jeep ride sounds interesting – and it sounds like it will take you deep into the forest on a winding road adventure 🙂 It sounds like you took the jeep ride?

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    • Hahaha..Banana resorts sounds good too 😀 The word “banalata” is a Bengali word which literally means “wild creeper” or you can say exotic creeper… 🙂
      It is a very peaceful place and we did take the jeep ride in the morning. It was enchanting to watch age-old trees standing in rows all around you. But we couldn’t spot any animal.

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