The Road



The bends, the curves, danger unseen
I have to walk, I know, eyes keen
Dreams live there, shrouded in the mist
One day I know, I’ll have a tryst.
The road less travelled
Is always cold and rough
But, I have to walk, I know
An inch at a time, it’s not tough.
The beauty of the road
Ups and downs, memories, that bind
Sometimes, I travel through it
Sometimes, it travels through my mind. 

22 responses to “The Road

  1. Very Profound…’it travels through my mind’ I can almost travel to that road and be a part of it. I am there in the mist, trying to discover the beauty, the fantasy of travelling through the mist of the mind…

  2. Ah the journey is sometimes a beautiful thing and sometimes a tough one but the people you meet on that road make it all worthwhile, a tryst is always an agreeable thing as well!

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