Let’s Begin the Song

1-ratnagiri 001
All the flowers are sleeping today, tired the leaves are.

They have faced a diatribe against beauty and peace
The world has gone mad.
Love? I know it exists
But it has nowhere to go.
Homeless, it wanders.
No heart to live in.
No smile to be happy with.
Flowers? Yes, they are
There, in the graveyards
Or in a beautiful wreath
They have no colour, but white.

Imbroglio of the humankind
Nature has lost its senses
But, there’s still time.
Stop the death knell
And, begin theΒ 
Soulful preludeΒ 
Of joyous notes and tunes
Before we reach the final cadence.Β 


52 responses to “Let’s Begin the Song

  1. May be I’m turning into an old woman, but this poem reminded me of the Hungarian Suicide Song ‘Gloomy Sunday’ by Billy Holiday. A poignant and introspective.

    It is so beautiful, Maniparna! Loved it!


  2. Outstanding! What a subtle call… ‘Homeless it wanders’…indeed you are so right! Love your choice of words Mani, … ‘soulful prelude’ is reaching me, tugging at my heart…let the flowers know that there is some sensitivity alive, some admirers will come and awaken them.
    I have read such a profoundly beautiful poem after a long time. Stay blessed.

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