In Love With Rain

Rain and petrichor

The moisture-laden monsoon wind caressed my hair as I seated myself cozily in the armchair. That was not a usual hour for relaxing outside, but as it started drizzling, the soft, soothing sound of the raindrops made me thirsty; thirsty for the smell of the soil drenched with raindrops.

The first rain of the season is welcomed by all. It comes as a bliss after the dust and heat, making the earth greener. The dry soil soaks in the first gush of rain like an insatiable lover kissing his girl. And, oh! The smell, petrichor! It inebriates me with its delicious, magical captivity.

I sat there, estranged from the rest of the environment, trying to feel the music of Nature. The lilt of the raindrops; started with a fine drizzle then slowly it increased, impinging upon the earth- the final cadences of the prelude. It was not a tedious recital but an impeccable composition.

Minutes, I lost the counting. Time, I wanted it to be eternal. But, then a feeble cuckoo called from somewhere ending my dream. The night was fading over the extensive paddy fields as if the rain had washed off the darkness making way for a new day.

The soothing sound of rain accompanied by the moaning of the wind lulled me into a deep slumber. The night was over, my love had gone. It was time to sleep.



121 responses to “In Love With Rain

  1. Goodness! Everything about rain is intriguing. The drumrolls before it arrives, the change in the clouds, the breeze, the birds rushing back to shelter, the music of the rain arriving, the way the leaves dance under the drops, I feel like a caged animal trying to break free. Going out and standing in the rain means, I cannot see the rain clearly like from a window. But when I am watching from a window, I just want to be outside. Oh the feeling!


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