Flowers & Quotes #3

I’ve been tagged by KiranMoon SomaliNehaVishalSunaina and Simran  for the Three-Day-Quote-Challenge and here goes my third and final post for it. I’ve decided to make it only on flowers as nature with its beauty always makes me happiest.
The last quote is a famous and most used one. But surprisingly, it never sounds clichéd. We often assign different names to the same thing. But that never changes the way it behaves. In this quote, I think, it has been said that one’s true color is always revealed irrespective of the situation.
Rose will always smell divine even when it is grown in the garbage.

A Rose is a rose is a rose

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet.

  • Romeo and Juliet By William Shakespeare (Act II Scene ii Lines 45-47)

42 responses to “Flowers & Quotes #3

  1. I see your comment and reach out to your blog to tell you that I am doing great and I see a refreshing header image that captures my attention to offer me bliss and joy. Then there is a beautiful rose and your wonderful prose. Its great to read your blog after a long time Mani. Hope you are doing good? I have been busy lately…how about you?

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  2. Nothing. In fact, rose doesn’t announce: “Hey listen, my name is rose.” You are not what you are because others say so about you. A profound quote indeed. Great selection, Maniparna. 🙂

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  3. “one’s true color is always revealed irrespective of the situation” this is so true… but sad that some people have dark colors… 😦 I really love your insights here… you are shining in your words!!! ❤

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