She Will Be Free



Freedom, they say, is the ultimate goal
To nurture the emotions, to brighten the soul.
Freedom, they say, can’t be given but must be earned
Unbinding the desires, shackles should be burned.

What if, I ask, I’m trussed within my heart?
Attachments and obligations, in life’s every part.
Smiling ruefully even when I want to cry
Social dogmas, traditions, cultures- I’m everyone’s pry.

A lady you are, they say, as tender as a flower
Don’t belabour yourself, with freedom or power
Be good and polite, love everyone but yourself
Freedom? Oh yes! That’s just a chimerical elf!

Oh! Yes! I say, woman I am, as strong as a tree
Producing flowers and fruits, with seeds inside me
I’m Nature, with seeds of freedom that’ll burst one day
I’ll be free of servitude, of bondage and labor, come what may!

In many countries, women are treated as inferior to their male counterparts. The society that is a patriarchal and patrilineal one tries to infantilize the voice of women. Of course, time is changing and, there are millions of men out there who believe in the power and freedom of women. Still, there is a long way to go when we refer to the word “freedom”. I came across this post of my blogger friend Balroop on domestic violence a few days back. Here she has explained in a lucid manner how women often find it difficult to break the age-old shackles in order to embrace freedom.

The poem is shared with PU Midweek MotifFreedom

97 responses to “She Will Be Free

  1. Very well written. Some of us take our freedom so seriously and make it known to others. When people are not too specific about having their freedom, others start taking advantage of it and try to dominate. We need to tell everyone that seeking freedom is not a sign of rebellion. Wonderfully written 🙂

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  2. Beautifully expressed. It’s important to acknowledge everything that true freedom encompasses. Often, the more visible or physical forms of freedom may still be tightly trussed (love how you’ve used that word) inside: stifled ambition, moderated desires, bowing down to expectations.

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  3. Freedom is equality and its so beautifully handled in your poem….just yest I was watching house of cards season 3 and there Claire the first lady of USA tells her husband we haven’t been equals….the point I am trying to make it…its a bigger problem beyond regions and countries…its a human problem. The words are aptly chosen and crafted. Super going bestie!

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  4. Lovely! Evoked sentiments. I have been a revolutionary till now, speaking up against many issues. But I’ve thought about these matters for so long that they sadden me. Am not really trying to resign to fate but rejoicing what I have while I may, and speak up only if in dire straits.

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    • I sometimes think in your line. Does it really serve any purpose as we are writing about such things? Yes, they make some ripples and a few times waves but is it really helpful to those who need it?

      I wish to work for such women, and one day I shall fulfill my dreams… 🙂

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    • Right… I know a lot of people who support women empowerment, but at the same time know a few misogynists too. It’s painful to see their remarks on social networking sites. Never feel like even responding to such verbal assaults, though. Let them bark… 🙂


  5. Yeah ,,, bang on ! come what may … Its the last lines that turns the table from Abala to Sabla ..Beautifully written soul-sis and in essence reminded me of the song ‘I am a woman’ by Helen Reddy .. Loved it dear 🙂 🙂


  6. The poem reminds me of the book The Dark Room of RKN and also reminds me of A Room of My own by Chinuachibe. It is unfair as to how the fairer sex is treated in the country and probably the situation had been the same worldwide. No wonder feminism rose up to the ranks..


    • Thanks, Vinay. Yes, I think the situation is not very different in other countries, as we love to think. The difference is in other countries, the law and order system and the media work effectively, which we can’t expect here.

      Happy that my words could evoke in your mind such great names… 😀

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  7. I’m just….. wait a minute! If I’d say anything, you’d say, “You’re just too generous.” 😛

    So, in short, it made a deep impression on me, and you’re just fabulous. 🙂

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  8. I agree with Sumana. Everything builds up to that WONDERFUL last stanza. And REALLY I must quote that stanza one day, somewhere. You put your foot down well about having to be polite. A woman’s friendship is to be cherished, when you know she feels comfortable enough to be how she wants to be. One nice thing about blogging for women, I feel, is they can stretch their talent without being told they are beautiful just for standing there and wearing nice clothes. Being ”appreciated” is definitely not enough, and should not be.

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  9. While I know there are some men believe in the equality and strength of women, I believe a lot of men still are against this notion. Have you seen the Mancriminate campaign? I suggest you take a look at it, and more than that, read the comments about it on social media. The worst one I saw was “Kill feminism. Save man.” I wanted to ask him (the commenter) if man is becoming extinct? I mean, what does that even mean? And most of the comments were in similar vein. In fact, even some of my male friends shared their campaign photos. It was sad, I thought my friends were better than that 😦


  10. Amazing poem. Beautifully written or I’ll just say as usual. Will that do? 😛

    I am sure you are a Rahul Gandhi fan 😛 Women empowerment 😀 (pun intended)

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  11. Wonderfully you have captured the essence of what freedom means to a woman Maniparna.
    Women are at times put on a pedestal, at times worshiped as goddess or considered as dainty as flowers yet not considered as equal…and it is not only the men, even the women are responsible for this plight of women.
    These line are so hard hitting
    “Be good and polite, love everyone but yourself
    Freedom? Oh yes! That’s just a chimerical elf!”
    So proud of you for this one.


  12. Loved it… and can totally relate to it… freedom comes at a cost is what we are told and that fear itself prevents to many of us from being free…


  13. Argh, lost my comment. I think the reason patriarchal societies keep women down is because they know – and fear – how powerful women really are. Hope for the future lies in women rising to leadership all over the world. We know what the priorities are.


  14. A most beautiful ballad 🙂 I loved these lines:

    What if, I ask, I’m trussed within my heart?
    Attachments and obligations, in life’s every part.

    Being a woman.. we are constantly bound with responsibilities.. from a very tender age.. we yearn to be free.. to live life on our terms. Perhaps we were chosen for this task as we are no doubt much more resilient 🙂 Beautifully penned!

    Lots of love,

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  15. Your poem is empowering–women looking at their lives and knowing the truth of their strength is vital. I read your friend’s article, too, and she certainly shows a hard story. I was surprised it didn’t mention assistance–places women can call for support and shelter when they are ready to leave abusive situations. Are such places available? Something is always lost in such decisions, but there is also so much to gain!


    • Thanks, Susan, yes, such assistance cells are there or NGOs. But the thing is, women often fail to understand the nature of such violence.and, take it as normal! The danger primarily lies there…the awareness must come to make them take action against such things…. 🙂


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