Health is Fun With Farmlite

“The ground work of all happiness is good health” Leigh Hunt

Our health is such a capital which we can’t afford to lose. A poor man with a sound constitution is happier and more fortunate than a sick and obese king. We all are quite familiar with the saying,”health is wealth”, and as a man’s property, capital or wealth always needs a constant vigilance to ensure its safety, so is the case with health. The difference is, in case of health, we’ve to fight with much harder enemies who keep on luring us with a million ways trying to divert our minds. Yes, I’m talking about foods, variety of them to satisfy our gastronomical desire and consumption of some only increases the craving for more.

Managing more or less a shapely body is not an impossible goal. Most of the times we become obese or gain weight for the consumption of everyday calorie is greater than the loss. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exercise are secondary issues. First of all, what we need is a healthy, balanced diet. If the food we are consuming is unhealthy, never a person will be able to have a healthy, shapely body in spite of all expensive endeavours with modern equipment in the gym. Nonetheless, she/he will fall ill.

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With food immediately comes the question of what to eat and what to be avoided. Unfortunately, foods we drool over are mostly harmful. Think about some rich, creamy, chocolate cake or a cheesy chicken omelette …mmmm..yummy! Aren’t they? But they are not so good for health. Now, are all healthy foods taste bland and insipid? Do one have to sacrifice all gastronomical adventures to stay fit and healthy?  No, and sometimes healthy foods do have a great taste such as Sunfeast Farmlite , cookies from the house of ITC. Cookies are delightful to most of us and when goodness of oats and wheat protein mingle with juicy raisins or delicious almonds, they actually become irresistible. Farmlite has launched two variants for now, Oats & Almonds and Oats & Raisins. Nutritious and delicious, these cookies will satisfy your taste buds while keeping you healthy.

What I like most about Farmlite is that they never have announced that you’ll get a slim ‘n’ trim body with it. Some health products though highly raise their voice that you’ll get your dream figure if you use them. That, certainly is a misguidance and their advertisements are well exaggerated and far from truth. I checked out Sunfeast’s  “Health is Fun With Farmlite” which is driven by the “Farmlite Byte Film Festival” and was really elated to see their approach. They are spreading the awareness that  staying healthy is not a titanic job and can be attainable through our everyday activities. Their very short films are fun to watch but the  message conveyed will make you think twice about your day-to-day activities and will  inspire you to stay healthy while having fun.

Take a look at this most common scenario. We, the city dwellers are so much dependent on our ‘kaamwali bais’ or maids. What will happen if we try to help ourselves? If each member of the family does his/her duty then it actually can be a fun ….. and more importantly, a family fun.

This hilarious clip will make you laugh as you see the man with his flabby, protruded belly becoming a butt of joke everywhere. But the lesson is, when there is a will, there is a way.

Festivity involves a great part of our social and cultural life. Dancing and singing and making merry with friends can be a great stress buster as well as it help to shed calories , this one is spreading the warmth of festivity and fun along with some facts.

This campaign of Farmlite is as much enjoyable as the cookies (my favourite is the one with raisins while my husband and son prefer the almond flavour).
The campaign reminds us that with  little effort and encouragement, health can be really fun. Light physical exercises, fun-filled social life, daily dose of smile along with healthy food can easily make us healthy. We don’t have to follow a strict diet, all we need is the willingness to stay healthy with fun. Remember staying fit and healthy is not a trend or fashion, it’s for your own good and a healthy body is the abode of a sound, healthy mind with dynamic intellectual activities. Celebrate life, celebrate health with fun and Farmlite.



10 responses to “Health is Fun With Farmlite

  1. Health is wealth really and I agree with you that irregularity and unhealthy food can invite illness. The products from Farmlite look healthy and tasty as well, a rare combo. The short films are really enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Great article dear… but I loved the quote by Maniparna’s scattered thoughts- “those who think they don’t have time for …………… Ahan … great one dear friend … keep it up articles and quotes 🙂 love ya 😛 sach mein 😉


  3. In today’s world and with our lifestyle, health is the primary casualty…and it revolves on two major things, on our eating habits and what we eat. We are on the go and we are at different places on work, the choice is many but healthy choice is limited. Ready made food and packaged food does come as a good alternative, but not always a healthy alternative…it is become bit strange that we like to carry our calorie meter, and we do so by checking the spec before consuming the stuff. Yes, Farmlite and oat based products can make a difference in our choice and consumption of food…very interesting post!!!

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    • You’re absolutely right Nihar. Our sedentary life-style and eating habit are the sources of many a problem. Hope this product from Farmlite will at least help some to change their food habit and they’ll switch to this healthy options 🙂
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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