Soulebration, a Celebration of Creativity By FNP Weddings

ATT00001Every flower is a beautiful soul blossoming in nature and if you look at a flower even when you’re sad, it becomes your world for a moment. Flowers are the most wonderful and divine creations of nature and the company that leads with a vision to make flowers a flawless magic is Ferns ‘n’ Petals, popularly known as FNP.
Twenty years ago, in 1994, the founder and Managing Director of FNP, Mr Vikaas Gutgutia, started his fragrant, floral journey from a small town in Bihar. Now, Ferns ‘n’ Petals is the one of its kind flower industry with 194 stores across 76 cities in India. FNP has mesmerized a million eyes through all these years. The Wedding Division of Ferns ‘n’ Petals, FNP Weddings has changed the concept of exclusive designer weddings and décor in India. FNP Weddings has recently launched India’s First Ever Coffee Table Book on Wedding Designs, ‘Soulebration’a book encapsulating the breathtaking evolution of wedding designing in all its glories since 1994.

I was bedazzled after turning a few pages of the book! The creativity, the warmth and the marvel exuding from the photographs of the wedding ceremonies are enough to make one gape in revered wonder. The magnificent images hold a witness to the fact that when creativity meets perfection and professionalism, the outcome is sheer excellence. From humble Indian marigold to exotic orchids and ferns, from opulent Swarovski crystals to embellished drapes, myriad items are used to give dramatic effects to the décor. The inspirations are often from nature but for a glamorous, sexy yet subtle bachelors’ party event the cue can come directly from the original Playboy mansion. Whatever the occasion, a Sufi-themed function or a Punjabi-themed event, the eminent designers of FNP Weddings are there to prove their originality and unique creative ideas. Every minute details is covered by them and even they’ve the largest collection of specially crafted furniture which are specifically designed and upholstered to provide a touch of artful mastery to any event.

The designers of FNP Weddings include eminent names like Manjeet Bhullar, J.J. Vallaya, Tarun Tahiliani, Shikha Thareja, Bunty Agarwal and Sumant Jayakrishnan. Not only that, it is the only wedding company which has the largest repertoire of international maestros when it comes to wedding design. Preston Bailey, Rob Van Helden, Daniel Ost and Per Benjamin to name a few.  ‘Soulebration‘ has showcased majestic and magical works of most of them.

An enormous floral chandelier

An enormous floral chandelier

Apart from the effulgent images, ‘Soulebration’ also has a section which enumerates and explains the significance of  mantras and emblems used in traditional Indian weddings. The Saptapadi or ‘the seven steps’ is the ritual in which the groom walks with his bride to the right side of the ‘yagagni’ or ‘the sacred fire’. Through this ritual the bride and the groom prays to Lord Vishnu to bless them with food, strength, fidelity, progeny, wealth, comfort and health. Use and significance of other items like conch shells, Varmala, Lajahomam, Dhruvdarshan, Hriday Saprsham, Banana leaf and gold have been explained to make readers understand the quintessence of Indian wedding. Significance of flowers like, rose, jasmine, marigold and lotus have been discussed also. After reading that, you’ll never look at these flowers in the way  you used to.

A giant OM made entirely of pink roses and standing on a floral conch.

A giant OM made entirely of pink roses and standing on a floral conch.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. But weddings are ceremonies on earth, and ‘Soulebration’ definitely encompasses all of its grandeour . That anything can be created with flowers, orchids, ferns and other delicate things….after going through the book, I firmly believe that now. From gargantuan chandeliers to colossal amoebas or life-size elephants and peacocks, FNP’s creativity gently blossoms in every sphere transporting the spectators to their desired dreamland. ‘Soulebration’ celebrates the unison of souls, along with an impeccable creative mastery. The book is an inspiration to those who have a creative mind and for all who want to witness a celebration of beauty and unique artistry.

1-soulbration 046

1-soulbration 033 1-soulbration 040

Some Magnificent works of FNP Weddings

Some Magnificent works of FNP Weddings


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[This review was commissioned by the FNP Weddings. The views are my own and honest.]

28 responses to “Soulebration, a Celebration of Creativity By FNP Weddings

  1. Such a beautiful read! Flower decorations add so much to a wedding’s decor. They have the power to truly make or break a function’s outlook. If you’re planning your wedding, selecting decorations is the toughest job, that’s why I always look for online decor inspirations before making decisions!


  2. How creative people are 🙂 Beautiful themes and creations and without doubt expensive but the effort and creativity is worth the money 🙂

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  3. Thanks Maniparna for posting such a nice review, if anybody wants to buy Soulebration- one can go to Soulebration will enthrall and inspire you, and you may never look at flowers in the same way again!


  4. Correct Mani.. beautiful theme, beautiful idea , beautiful term and beautiful post 🙂 what away to celebrate soulebration ! the pics are awesome and said it all … Thanks for a share dear 🙂


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