Haiku : Morning Dew


Photo Courtesy: My elder brother Suparnajit Gupta

Photo Courtesy: My elder brother Suparnajit Gupta

cobwebs, stars twinkle

as dew-drops spread over them

alighting gently

Shared with Carpe Diem Haiku Kai where the prompt was ‘Morning Dew’

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49 responses to “Haiku : Morning Dew

  1. Beautifully written…You know there is a spider which comes back everytime I destroy it’s web…This pic somehow reminds me of it…I don’t know how I’m sure it’s the same spider 😉


  2. Beautiful and I mean both! 🙂 Your haikus are always an inspiration.. that reminds me I was learning them. Back on track again 😉 Keep Writing and inspiring.


  3. you meant like small small lights right?maniparna actually i did not expected all those comments for what i wrote.may be yesterday was a good day for me.you .you always posts things past mid night.otherwise i would have asked you some other things also :).
    Regarding that movie scene i understood we can put subtitles in youtube video.Now i am enjoying it even if it is a tiring process.but i will again post that video with english subtitles if it works.Then when you start thinking from this young doctors point of view the video looks more beautiful 🙂
    sorry i love movies very much.only when you get time you have to watch it again.god bless 🙂


  4. What a beauty … nice photo, your brother is a great photographer, and your haiku goes so well with it Maniparna. Thank you for sharing this post and thanks to your brother for his awesome breathtaking photo


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