Where That River Flows

I know a river bank where yellow lilies grow

White flowers nod their heads with the wind slow

Blue hyacinths stir the water as they swim

The river flows gracefully like the nature’s queen

Where the music of calm waves can be heard

Where the colossal canopy stands as the guard

Whispering silence, soft rustle of leaves

The river flows underneath the sloping eaves.

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80 responses to “Where That River Flows

  1. you should one day post that picture here maniparna.i don’t know how many times i have told you how gifted and talented you are.
    i have a request i know how busy you are and i know how difficult it is when dialogues are not included but wrote outside of the video.But please don’t miss this 7 minute video may be two three times you may have to watch it but trust me it is worth the time.i am not sure if the video works in my website but surely would on youtube.


  2. This is pretty. I love your opening line. And I really love the sound in this poem. Calm waves are music, and leaves rustle softly, and yet the place is silent. You captured the tranquility of that river bank wonderfully. Nice work 🙂


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