Haiku : Spring

1-Shantiniketan 021

nature opens up

the whiff of blossomed delight

flowering frenzy

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34 responses to “Haiku : Spring

  1. With all the rains we are having for the last three days, all my flowers are a bit out of shape. So it was a treat to look at these delightful ones blooming in a frenzy!They seem to be living up to your words 🙂 Very nice!


    • Rain came as the survivor here..in Kolkata !! Kolkata was like a scalding cauldron just a couple of days back. Anyway , hope your flowers will soon bloom merrily again 🙂 thanks a lot for the lovely comment .


  2. Reblogged this on Poetry Phenomenon and commented:
    Visual links between poetry and photography work as a partnership to bring the beauty of a poem to life. It may only be a Haiku but you can picture the scene through the photograph and can almost imagine what is outside of what we can see in this frame.


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