Cricket ! Cricket !

The Cricket Premiere League in India is not just a game , it’s a celebration . A celebration for a cricket-crazy nation which takes pride on the game and also on the players .  Our country has so many cultures , languages , festivals, rituals but we Indians  still live  peacefully  , finely blending ourselves with each other proving  our unity in diversity. But all these peace and calm are annihilated when it comes to Cricket Premiere League . It’s that time of the year when we make friendly foes and take the side of our respective city or state and the slogan “ yeh mera India ” suddenly shifts to ” meri Delhi ” . ” maaro Rajashthan ”  ‘tomar Kolkata ” or  ” yun Chennai ”  !  A diatribe also is quite common among friends and never would have a friend be so happy seeing the other one losing his hope as the former friend’s home team wins over the latter .

In my case , being a frenzied fan of  Team Kolkata , this League time is that part of the year when I hate my friends who support any team other than mine . I cursed them , often get into fight with them and sometimes even try to bribe them with rosogolla , fuchka ( golgappa) or even expensive chocolates to literally ‘ buy ‘ their support ! ( I know bribing is illegal but can’t help it ….  #korbo_lorbo_jitbo  is the mantra ) . Never do I miss a single match of my team and cheer them up every time at the top of my voice .

Team Kolkata is my obvious favourite for being a Kolkatan and a Bengali . It’s my home team yaar ! and speaking of the owner , I’m a crazy fan of King Khan. So what would one ask for more ? A concoction of Kolkata and King Khan …it’s like Ekta Kapoor’s  ” K ” factor which plays the pivotal role in her productions . And have a look at the Knights …we have our cool skipper Gautam Gambhir , Robin Venu Uthappa , Debabrata Das , Austin Lynn …all of them are my personal favourites .

This year , the 7 th Premiere League , is not at all going well for  Team Kolkata . Their performance , though disappointing ,  I believe that the team still has the potential to tackle and swim against the tide . My best wishes for Team Kolkata .  I wish I could play for you , but as I can’t , I’m just praying for you .

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7 responses to “Cricket ! Cricket !

  1. I don’t watch much IPL these days, but I do mostly check the first six overs & the last four of every innings 😀 It was terrible stuff from KKR yesterday except for Uthappa & Gambhir.


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