Vote ? Yes : Expectation ? …. ?

Image Courtesy : Google

Image Courtesy : Google

The biggest festival of the largest democracy which occurs every five year ( and rarely earlier on Parliamentary demand ) has reached its crescendo . Only a few constituencies of some states are still to witness the holy idol of  EVM along with the priests ,who are present  to carry out the cumbersome task , normally we call them Presiding officers .

Another election and this time the election is costing the exchequer more than INR 3,500 crores  !  Bigger amount than you can imagine ? huh ? Don’t worry , with this amount you’re about to make the future of your beloved country stronger and sharper ( No , it’s not a health drink ad ) . Esteemed leaders representing uncountable parties are waiting eagerly to step on the throne . Surprisingly , all of them  are claiming to have the same magic wand with which they would annihilate corruption , words like  price-rise and undeveloped  are sure to become obsolete ,   and all women will feel as safe as Blue Whales in the ocean .  In lieu of all these great deeds they are demanding  just a single thing , a minor one from you…merely a ‘beep’ sound ….your VOTE . 

And it’s our duty to cast  our  vote as  diligent and dutiful citizens . Doesn’t matter if your locality suffers from meager supply of water or poor sewage system , doesn’t matter if you experience a roller-coaster ride every time you  drive through n numbers of NHs , doesn’t matter if you find  it unsafe to let your daughter,sister ,wife travel alone , doesn’t matter if half of  the population still lives below the poverty line . Oh ! I forgot ..we’re exercising our voting power to bring change , to make all these basic amenities available , to amend the mistake which we did five years ago . 

Do we really have any perfect choice ? Yes yes ,  I know , ‘perfection’ is an Utopian concept as far as politics is concerned  but at least near perfect ? 
What about a cursory glance at the leading contestants for the Oscar ?

  • Our very own ‘Moun’mohan aka MadamG who has gifted us 2G and 3G and DamadG . ( No , ParleG has no connection with it )
  • The Mama’s boy , for whom , innocence and ignorance  as well as poverty and unemployment are (2) states of mind and his interviews , especially with Arnab Goswami will make you go ” AWwwww ” !!!
  • The Bengal drama queen TheD who is blessed enough to point out Maoists even from Facebook . Not only that , she can sing , she can draw , she can write , she can… got everything  possible for a human being .
  • A..N..D here comes MoDG , who has already set himself at the pivotal point of controversy with his comments which , according to his adversaries , are communalSo , The Indian General Election 2014 is leaving us with almost no option  but to select and elect one from the above list . And according to Mae West , while choosing between two evils one should try the one that hasn’t been tried before .
    Now  , make your vote your voice ( may be a muffled one ) and cast it in favour of your favourite symbol (  there are so many symbols  starting from cycle to chaddi , so you’ve better options in this field ) .P.S . Someone asked me ,
    – Will you vote against corruption ? 
    – To build up a better nation ?
    – On issues about women empowerment and safety ?
    -Haha..what a joke ..
    -Development and educational issues ???
    -Excuse me …
    – ( frustrated) Then why will you vote ???
    – To put my inked selfie on Facebook and Twitter !!!!! 


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38 responses to “Vote ? Yes : Expectation ? …. ?

  1. An unbiased review on the state of Indian Elections.The pun and the satire add color and wit to a otherwise drab topic. Thanks that was brilliant 🙂


  2. Nice 🙂 I have hoped that there was an option to ban all fingers on Facebook during elections 😀
    I consider selfies as evil 😉


  3. Hi Maniparna, Yes, i got the satire…Good to see others also writing on vote and election…BTW, I nominated you for Sunshine Blog Award for you wonderful blog..Do check my post to know more about it…Thanks.


  4. Ha ha…
    Maniparna…. I loved your closing lines…
    I mean what choice do we have?
    If no changes have come in so many years, what changes is going to come in such a short span? And sadly, mistakenly if someone wishes to bring some change, he will fall under the minority category who will be pushed and buried by the majority…
    All we can do is laugh at ourselves… and pose smilingly for a selfie!


  5. The silver line is in this election corruption is a big issue and people hope to get some relief. If the post election activities of the ruling Party follow the same tradition then I am sure History shall repeat and this time the Pages of French revolution shall be turned by the people to shed the evil .


  6. Parle G has no connection? How can you be so sure? 😉 We never know what will come out next…till then let me just enjoy my Parle-G and tea, okay 🙂
    An enjoyable read on a serious topic!


    • 😛’re right ….it’s hard to to be sure for anything…please share your tea with me please ( I don’t like ParleG ) 🙂

      Thanks for the comment..nice to know that you’ve enjoyed it..


  7. Lol, no matters if you are voting for selfie purpose only, still you are contributing. After all we know that all politicians are same and these terms corruption, women empowerment, education, development are actually used by them for publicity only.


    • Politicians are people who know poly-tricks and never stop employing those tricks to allure voters …

      And that selfie thing is just a satire.. 😛 I’ve no love for selfies … 😀


  8. Our very own ‘Moun’mohan aka MadamG who has gifted us 2G and 3G and DamadG . ( No , ParleG has no connection with it )

    hahaa you’ve hit the nail on the head 😀
    really enjoyed 😀


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