Haiku: Indian Summer


imbued with colour
fragile leaves hang on to hope
indian summer


44 responses to “Haiku: Indian Summer

  1. When people write haiku, they just often write three lines which express something really beautifully but that’s about it! This, on the other hand, satisfies all the utmost specifics of a haiku, what with the right syllable structure and the love of nature. I cannot begin to express how much I loved this one ❤ ❤

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  2. I know Mani…Indian summer is no less than a cauldron! Worst than that is the month of July, which seems endless…sweaty and sticky. Blessed are those who work in AC cabins and the home makers smile from the comfort of their rooms. I am so glad to be away from all that dust, grime and sweat now…. never miss India in the months of Summer. 🙂

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