The Exciting World of Different Textures

Texture- we use this word quite often and perhaps, nobody treats this word other than a trivial one. But, have you ever mulled over the fact that everything has a texture of its own. The texture is the very basic scheme or structure of anything under the sun. While I was strolling around the beach of Digha, West Bengal, a month ago, I was astonished by the textural features of the beach. The continuous journey of the waves along with the tides has reflected in a motley of textures on the sand, making it variegated in colours and patterns.

The rocks look different; sometimes they are covered with sand, dry and dusty, and sometimes a sudden splash of waves makes them look rich and sumptuous.

The last picture is of a low, derelict wall which stood alone by the coastline hiding among bushes. The green algae and mosses have artfully decorated it.

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39 responses to “The Exciting World of Different Textures

  1. Waves and rocks present a fascinating, mesmerising sight…often I look at the waves when I am around them and get lost in the way they roll and change color and shape by the time they reach the shore…can we ever get tired of looking at them? I could never figure it out.
    Your images evoke all these emotions Mani…they are so good! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚


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