She, Who Outlived…

1-ddd 141

The magic in his fingers
He explored and unearthed
The feelings she never knownΒ 
To have in her.

And, now, his eternal smile
Stuck in the photograph
Along with her soul
She used to have.


65 responses to “She, Who Outlived…

  1. You have subtly captured the true essence, perhaps of a broken and bruised heart, time has flown and things are resting peacefully in the framed photography. Apparently, something deeply profound hidden behind the expression and the finer nuances wonderfully weaved within those limited and well selected words. There is smile, there is magic and indeed there is a beautiful soul behind this story…

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  2. I read the lines in one mintue and then i went through it again & again,such cavalier this stanza’s seem,but how aptly you illustrated it,there are lot of things i learn from you didi.

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  3. What a poem, Mani. So deep, and so emotional too. It sounds like it speaks of a love lost…maybe a love lost of unfortunate circumstances, or a love lost because of another person and we didn’t want to happen – or above all, we can’t get over a certain someone. Sometimes we can’t help the way we feel, and it takes time to get over someone…if we ever get over them at all. Keep writing. Your words are so good πŸ™‚

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