Guest Post: Sharing Is Not Always Caring

Some parents, these days, are becoming over-protective towards their children. In the process of showering ‘love’ and ‘security’ for their kids, perhaps, they are missing something. Something that would have made the children happier and wiser as human beings.

Santosh describes one of his experiences in this context.


My own saying, ‘Several ideas fail in mind than on paper’ became a reality while I tried introducing ‘Food Sharing Day in one of the reputed schools where I went as an instructor. During my interaction with teachers and staff (including the hostel caretaker), I came up with the idea to introduce a day in the week where each kid would bring a dish (food item) that his/her friends were fond of. This way, the bond between the children will increase and they will also become more familiar with each other.

There were definitely a few smiles while some were silent. But the hostel caretaker wasn’t impressed at all with this idea and expressed his disagreement in the discussion room. He didn’t favour the idea because some parents had instructed him not to allow their children to share or receive food from others. That is, not only from strangers but also from their school friends! I knew there was no point arguing as he was bound by his duty. I knew there would be no buyer of the old tradition when my parents and several others of my generation believed in ‘sharing is caring’. Perhaps, there are still some people who still believe the same but, at that moment, I had to swallow my idea accepting the changing paradigm. For me, the meeting ended with ‘Food for Thought’. 

Santa Santosh Avvannavar, CCO, QtPi Robotics ( &

24 responses to “Guest Post: Sharing Is Not Always Caring

  1. Sharing matters in today’s times when many have a lack and it will teach children having quite a few something about empathy, kindness, and discipline. Sad, how we have become selfish and doesn’t want to walk the extra miles.


  2. I think it is a nice idea… It’s could be a new experience for kids. But I guess things have changed a lot as far as schools, education and parenting go. Imagine, the playschool too have Relationship Managers these days!!

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  3. Nice guest post! Personally, I like the idea of sharing foods, which is a practice that is far reaching in history. We can learn so much about other cultures and lifestyles.


  4. Sharing food at the lunch break was a matter of great enjoyment for us in our school days but now the scenario has changed….definitely food allergy may be one of the reasons behind this act but i have seen so many children who even refuse to share a copy or pencil or pen with their class mates..

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  5. As far as I remember, sharing food every day was an integral part of the lunch break. That is what made the lunch more enjoyable. But, that seems to be a prehistoric trend now. Still, it is hard to digest that people prevent their children from sharing their lunch boxes.


  6. There is no doubt that parents have become overprotective. Too much love and concern creates children who develop attitudes, disrespect and ‘we know all’ kind of notions. I have seen parents blaming the teachers for bad grades or unruly behavior, which sends a message to children that they can get away with anything and everything. Values are being sacrificed in the name of so called love of modern parents…the results are before us – intolerant and haughty youth!

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  7. It has gotten ridiculous the way parent’s cater to their children here in North America. I rarely see children play with each other after school and see them mostly with a tablet or some other device. I think that breaking bread with the other children brings about a sense of community and one to get to know all the children at some point. Breaking bread has always been a time of sharing of oneself. I think it would be a good idea to instill this around the world.

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  8. I’d imagine some kids having food allergies and such, hence the whole ‘no food sharing’ rule as it could be problematic if anyone became ill. But I also see where you are coming from, a good initiative to rally round the students and get them to know each other better.
    Warm greetings!

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  9. It is interesting to hear that some are against food sharing. As Rajlakshmi brought up, some could have food allergies. When I was a kid, I remember we all shared our lunches during recess without thinking twice. My parents never packed my lollies and I was always so happy when my classmates decided to share their sweets with me.

    I guess some parents and also schools want to ensure their children eat healthy from a young age, or at least build a connection with food from their culture and also in-built certain beliefs that come with eating certain foods. My parents were never too fond of me eating fried fish and chips growing up, saying that dish was way too ‘hot’ for my body.

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  10. Parents, school, peers all directly or indirectly prohibit their children from sharing or accepting food from others.
    During our days all the kids would sit in a big circle and share our food and chat happily!!

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  11. I miss the good old days of food sharing, we used to share our tiffin during recess and it was so much fun. Parents are over protective now, specially when it comes to food. A lot because of food allergies. I guess that’s also a reason why the caretaker wasn’t impressed with the idea.


  12. I agree it sad that parents do not see how they are segregating their children even by not something simple as food.. Over protection is not always the best way of protecting your child.. For your children grow up suspicious of each other.. Judging and putting labels upon others via their parents indoctrinated thoughts which are passed on.. Leads only to more separateness.
    We should be encouraging unity and sharing..
    I smile inwardly to my self.. As I see how our two cultures are changing.. Here we are I think getting more tolerant at least as I view our country…. As we in the UK become more multicultural. And I feel as the wealth increases in your country, I see how it is driving you apart from those who have and have not..
    Its sad..

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  13. The way some parents and the school managements opposed the 25% reservation for the backward classes reasoning it will destroy their success percentage and their brand showed their double standards. Schools produce commodities these days forgetting the real purpose of education..
    A very sad truth! Thank you for sharing!!

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