Studying In IFIM Business School, Bangalore

A management degree is an added advantage to anyone seeking a decent job in the IT industry. Among a number of B-schools in India offering management courses, one institution has earned a considerable reputation for its impressive faculty, infrastructure and placement strategies.


Founded in 1995, the IFIM Business School has been able to become one of the most aspired destinations for students. Excellent academic facilities are not the only way to make competent students these days, an institution should take care of the wholesome development of its students so that they can come out of the rigorous placement procedures with flying colours. IFIM takes care of the overall growth process of students with co-curricular activities and sports facilities. The institution has its own gym and trainers, fun sports activities are arranged on a regular basis so that the students don’t feel claustrophobic while attending regular classes and can have enough healthy recreation.

The campus is spread over two acres of land and, the greenery is a treat to the eyes. It also has a centrally air-conditioned auditorium, an amphitheatre along with other regular amenities.

Faculties deserve a special mention for IFIM B-school. Apart from excellent regular faculties, guest lecturers regularly conduct classes and, insiders evince, they find attending all the classes equally enjoyable. About three/fourth of the classes are interactional and involve direct discussions between teachers and students. This helps them to enhance their skill, understanding and speaking power which eventually in the future, leads to carry themselves in GDs with great aplomb.

IFIM B-school, as a whole, is a place where one can be motivated to steer her/his life in the right direction. For aspiring students, the link provided above will allow you to know about the admission procedures, curriculum and fees structure for the year 2017.

Wish you all the best in life.

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18 responses to “Studying In IFIM Business School, Bangalore

  1. This sounds like a great place to learn, and guest lecturers make it all the more fun – it’s like you get to hear right from industry professionals and again practical insight into the real world and how to apply theory. Good going 🙂

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