Five Haiku Poems – A Raging Epiphany

Rose, an amazing story-teller, poet, artist and a wonderful human being, has started a series of collaborations on her blog with haiku poets. Here is our presentation, five haiku poems together.
Read carefully to discover the story in this haiku poems…

Thank you, dear Rose, ❤

Poet Rummager

Painting by James Christensen

(His art was introduced to me through Inese’s lovely blog).

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An epiphany
raged through her, and she promised
never would he leave.

The dagger’s keen blade,
gleamed like a smile in the dark,
he caught in his eye.

Slowly oozing blood –
grief looming menacingly.
Tears, only respite.

Forever, my love,
she sobbed, falling on her knife.
Her life, too, bled out.

Throbbing melody
stops with a note unfinished.
Eternal silence.

Haiku poems by Scattered Thoughts (Mani) and Poet Rummager

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60 responses to “Five Haiku Poems – A Raging Epiphany

  1. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to work with you, Mani. Your haiku poems are inspirational. I have one more haiku from you which I will post in a few weeks. It’s always a pleasure to work with a talented and gentle soul like yourself. ❤

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