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After Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more, WhatsApp perhaps, has taken the world by storm. Millions of subscribers are using this platform worldwide to share messages in the most convenient and cost-effective way.

Unlike the old SMS days, WhatsApp enables us to use pictures, texts, a variety of fun emoticons and, we can even share songs or videos. Undoubtedly, the users also want their feelings to get reflected on their WhatsApp status.

Now, what is a WhatsApp status? It’s somewhat same as Facebook’s “What’s on your mind?”. You can change your WhatsApp status as many times you want according to your mood and events of your life. You can put up a birthday wish for your dear friend, or, can motivational one-liner, or, some funny ones.

Well, well, are you thinking how to come up with different statuses each day? (trust me, for some, it’s every few hours). WhatsStatus.com is there as your saviour! It has the largest collection of WhatsApp status on the internet for more than 60 categories as, Love, Angry, Motivational, Broken Heart, Spiritual, Wise, Inspirational, Friendship, Birthday, Emotional, Relationship, Funny, etc. They have hired professional writers to come up with innovative status messages for every occasion.


The website has become extremely popular since its launch in  July 2016 and ever since then, 250 writers have joined them. More than 5790 statuses have published so far on and the number is increasing thick and fast.

So, next time, you want to give your friends a good dose of a laugh, don’t forget to check Funny WhatsApp Status collection. After all, smiling increases the face value and, laughter is the best medicine ever known!

Couldn’t resist sharing these from the collection:

When you see your mother is laughing at your father’s joke be assured that there are guests in the house.

I don’t always lose cell-phone, but when I do…by default, it’s on silent mode!

Check out the site to find more!


61 responses to “What’s Up? WhatsStatus.com

  1. Hello dear,

    How are you doing ? Great blog you got here. I loved the theme. What’s it’s name ? The color tone is pretty easy on the eyes. The content is great too. I am a aspiring fiction writer. I started this blog in October, and my blog posts started flowing on 15th October almost. Since then I have been able to gather some 4,300 followers. I thought I will never get more than two, that too my friends. I write short story, flash fiction, poetry, article, movie and book reviews, prose and more things. I am working on writing two books currently. I love one thing about blogging community is that it’s very helping and cooperative. Always giving each other a leg up with reblog so and pong backs, or just being guest bloggers on each other’s blog. I myself have been guest blogging and have had guest bloggers on mine. I have been blessed enough to have some collaboration too. As of now I write for a E-Zine named Agnishatdal, a Webzine named Candles Online , a digest named The Millionaires Digest, a book review site called BooknVolume and I am also in collaboration with Madame Roberta Pimental. I am eager to find more people who can collaborate with me and we can help each other out. This is way to grow for them both. I saw your site and wondered if you would like to write post for me or go into collaboration. You will be a regular author till collaboration ends. I don’t have a big protocol to write if you agree. I can mail the details to you if you are interested. Also I will be writing for you as often as you want and follow all your protocol concerning word limit, topic and pictures etc. I would be honoured if you oblige me. After all blogging is all about spreading the word and getting more readers. A writer is never satisfied, he/she wants their work to reach maximum readers. This attempt of mine is a step in same direction. Hope you will reply to my request and let me know the follow up.
    Warm Regards


  2. He..he..in this wave these days..with all the groups..the latest my son shared was how to use different fonts in the WA keyboard ..till such time another wave hits us it is this and only this!:)

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  3. Like Google, Whats App is such a Friend in Lonely Times to us.
    A Brilliant idea to “connect” people as if you are talking face to face.
    Yes, we all change our WhatsApp Status to suit our Mood of the Day.

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