“Speak to me”, said the forest
And, I spoke to it
Through the tiny wallflower
Smiling shyly among the grass. 

Looking into Nature
Watching buds blooming
Or autumn’s kaleidoscope
Of colours, fire! 

The leaves caressed my heart
The flowers healed my wounds
The forest whispered
“Save me and I’ll sustain thee”.

1-trePC: Sayantan


97 responses to “Forest

  1. Such a sincere message contained here Mani within your lovely words of poetry.. Such an important message about respecting Mother Nature and her woodlands and forests.. Without whom our planets survival would soon spiral into decay..
    Nature gives us so much, our very breath is what the trees provide. Let alone the habitat for millions of flora and fauna.. Each a crucial part of the whole..
    Love and Blessings
    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend Mani xx
    ❤ Sue


  2. Wow.. Such a beautiful poem with a message. Very refreshing and natural. . Living in the nature is the best feeling. But we are spoiling the nature for our own desires and this will lead us to abyss. As you have justified it with just one line, “Save me and I’ll sustain thee”..

    Good evening Mani.. 🙂

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  3. So beautiful nature always heal us .Humans are nature are interdependent ,we have to save them for a sustainable development of our species:).
    Amazing photographs ,loved them 🙂


  4. Lovely thoughts Mani! All answers lie in responding to Mother Nature.
    The forest speaks to us through each element…the rustling of leaves, the young and the old trees, the wildflowers, the changing colors… breath a quiet message…lets spread love, peace and harmony.

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  5. Such a lovely poem, Mani. We certainly need to love our surrounds more as the world is our home. Lovely photo of the forest too. Plenty of space to run around and hopefully you didn’t get lost 😊

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