Through the Inner Eyes

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The Oxford School Atlas was an inseparable part of the Geography class in our school. Looking at the colourful pictures of the continents and oceans, I used to think how big the world is! It sometimes used to create a kind of trepidation in my little mind as how we humankind, a negligible part of the big earth, is going to survive here for long. As I grew up, slowly, with the advent of time, the world shrank for me. Science and technology did it and, I understood, slowly but surely, we humans are the greatest resource of Mother Earth.

But, now as I’m more mature as a person, I do think at times about the insignificance of our existence on this planet. A diminutive of the universe, a bottomless abyss that is, the planet earth is so very vulnerable. And, we, the human beings, I find ourselves as lilliputs in front of the Brobdingnags!

Have you ever stood under the vast sky and felt it? Each time I watch a sunrise, I can feel the bliss of being smaller, the happiness of looking up to watch the heavenly objects. The moon, as it creeps above the canopy, the stars as they shine down- I enjoy my existence, of being a part of this planet, of the universe. I fly with my imagination to feel that ethereal connection, the feeling of oneness with the universe; just as the same way a single wave is to the whole ocean, I’m to the universe. I’m a functional part of this great cosmic arena, every individual is a part of this tremendous range of time and space.

77 responses to “Through the Inner Eyes

  1. In wish everyone took time to pause, observe and reflect like this. It gives you such a beautiful perspective about your existence and coexistence with other creatures. This I believe is what we must help our children do. Pause for a moment. Look at the larger things in life. Reflect on the positives that you have and you can have. It’ll definitely help bring in harmony within us. Beautiful thoughts Maniparna! Loved it. πŸ™‚

  2. YES, the emotion of smallness fades away once you accept the feeling of oneness with the universe, just as a single wave to the ocean.
    AGREED, very rightly said.
    I think the spirituality and/or devotion to GOD follows this.
    Anyways, congratulations for thoughts and such an humble thinking!

  3. Such mesmerizing flow of words, dear Mani, I felt it, how we are all connected in this Universe through this vast pool of time and space.

  4. The identification with the Universe is the greatest divine trait with us.. A nice Post, Maniparna.. Your presentation is truly unique here!

  5. What wonderful positive contemplations – to see oneself like this as a feature of the immense universe. Much obliged to you Maniparna…πŸ˜€ Your beautiful words are generally so mitigating. I adore giving them a chance to wash over me.

    • Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment. You made my day. πŸ™‚ I’m sure driving through the sinuous forest roads while enjoying the wild tranquillity of Ranthambore would give rise to such a sensation… πŸ™‚

  6. The pale blue dot pictures taken by NASA on the request of Carl Sagan depict the same thing. So insignificant are we on the broader level in the spectrum of mass and matter, yet we tend to go gaga over minor issues in life.

  7. Sometimes the loveliness of the Moon and the spectacular colors of the sky make me feel insignificant. But most of the time it’s just the opposite. I find the moonshine comforting and a spectacular sunrise or sunset joyful. And I choose to focus on the latter.

  8. Some people feel the horror of being so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things but the opposite is true, to appreciate the universe, to be part of it and be able to understand some of its mysteries is a wonderful thing. The vastness of space and the still undiscovered depths of the oceans are beautiful and romantic mysteries.

  9. Thank you for making me think about the world around us – your thoughtful post is poignant for the times we live in.

  10. Oh yes,I felt that feeling when go on a trip into the meandering hills, so magnificent, the breeze so strong and the sky endless! I have felt like speck of dust and the oneness to the beauty the nature holds!

  11. Hi Mani,
    Inner eye develop slowly if it is nurtured by thoughts so well expressed here. Sometimes we start looking within so much that the lilliputian concept gets drowned in the thoughts of being the supreme beings…the strife around us, the plundering of natural resources and misleading innocent minds speaks volumes for the the Brobdingnags around us!

    • Oh yes, we have become self-centered and perhaps, selfish too. We seldom think about the world around us and even when we do think, the thoughts revolves around the Brobdingnags. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Balroop… πŸ™‚

  12. Too vast this feeling is to express in words. We are the Lilliput but most important part of universe, I feel.

  13. Quiet a Co incidence yesterday there was a program I saw on BBC and it was to do with our planet how earth sun and moon effect each other and what happens on earth .. The effect on everything .. It was very astonishing because we don’t know much.. The speed at which earth is rotating.. 600.. can you beleive it..

    I went on a tangent here πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  14. I feel you! The vast skies and the amazing world unfolding around us. I have not exactly felt small, but I have felt very lucky to be given a chance to experience this miracle.

  15. What a profound post! Strummed the strings of heart! Whenever I walk on the road in a moonlit sky these are the thoughts which always haunt my mind like wild wind in an empty barn!

    I believe, this is how the ancient man started introspection. The Vedic Ko-Hum. Who am I? The infinitesimal cog in the grand machinery of universe, with the grandiloquent effrontry to imagine itself as the whole machine! Only to realize its worth at the end… Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… The machinery still going full throttle without us.

    What a megalomaniac are we! πŸ˜€

    • We are definitely a bunch of megalomaniacs! No doubt about it. We are so satisfied with our so called inventions and developments, that we fail to look around, to feel the Nature. I’m no exception, but, at times, I really do introspect… πŸ˜€

      Thanks for such a wonderful comment… πŸ™‚

  16. Your Oxford School Atlas, Mani, is a strong reminder of geography classes of over half a century ago. My mind just swung back to those old ‘testing’ challenges where students were asked by the teacher to plot countries and states on blank maps..! Humans vainly think of being at the centre of it all while only occupying a nano space somewhere in the galactic fringes…

    • Yes, those ‘testing’ method is still in vogue. Teachers still ask the same πŸ˜€ My son brings homework from the school.

      Actually, we have great vanity on our existence.Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts… πŸ™‚

  17. How beautiful this is Maniparna! You make us think about the insignificance of our existence as compared with the vastness of the universe. I particularly liked the choice of words in the post.

  18. Beautiful post Maniparna! πŸ™‚ I particularly love the line “the feeling of oneness with the universe”; I too love that feeling and it is what makes me put a piece of plastic in a recycle bin or rubbish in a bin. Beautiful πŸ™‚

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