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“A flower was offered to me,”

The little girl, squalor glaring from her demeanour
Bare feet, shivering in cold
Came inside my earthly holy abode.
She was not allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum
The Holy of Holies, my believers say, should be kept clean.
Bloviating the hubris and prejudice. 
No door opened with kindness, love, and justice.

“A flower was offered to me,”

By that little girl standing outside
Perhaps she fetched it from some garden, or, a roadside tree
The divine bond, she and me.
When the temple gates were closed for the day
The priests discovered with utter shock
That single flower was there to mock
The vanity and pride. 

“I was offered a flower…..”

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145 responses to “Offering

  1. Hi Maniparna…Your poem—so beautiful—and once-in-a-while—from my heart-to-eye—tears sometimes—appear…You are Creative Spirit! Wishing you days of Gentle winds—Soft curves and Wonder…Phil

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  2. It is sad that sometimes we forget that the children on the roadside are just children. They are not beggars, they are not criminals and all they want is a little love and respect. But the society forever looks upon them with suspicion and keeps them away from the most basic of things. Your poem is really beautiful.


  3. I’m sort of slow in uptake. Read it twice, then the concept hit me like a roaring engine! What a concept! Loved it! You really come out with the most profound ideas, which force one to introspect! Bravo, ma’am! 👍👍👍


  4. It’s an adept rendition of the misconstrued beliefs reigning in our society .The sanctity of faith isn’t ruled by human apprehensions but rather by the purity of emotion.You have captured that very tranquillity of innocence in a poignant way. Bravo😊😊😊😊

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  5. This is so beautiful Maniparna…..the ‘offering’ that comes from someone who is ‘barred’…..the ‘offering’ that speaks of innocence abused by the hypocritically religious people…..the frail flower is enough to undo the haughty…..Once again, so so beautiful…..beautiful like innocence itself….

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    • Actually, these days I’m a bit busy with many other things. I think it’s not nice to leave the comments on my blog without replying them individually. I love to hear my fellow bloggers’ views on my works. This always provided me the inspiration and encouragement. That’s why I want to acknowledge each and every comment on my blog. But, I’m really finding it difficult to manage everything 😦 That’s why I sometimes prefer closing the comments…. A few more weeks and, hopefully the work pressure will be reduced… 🙂
      Thanks a lot for asking, Georgia, means a lot… 🙂


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