Loving Each Other

The quicksand of love at her feet

Was devouring her soul, her heart
She stood there, still.
Savouring it, sinking downwards.
His hands would come, and save her,
She knew. All desire.
He came. Whispered.
“Till I loved, I never lived.”
Offered himself as she gained ground
With his heart wrapping her all around.

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81 responses to “Loving Each Other

  1. You did justice to the quote! And, love is indeed like a quicksand. Once sinks further as one tries to extricate oneself. A very beautiful poem as always! Itna kaise soch leti hain aap! πŸ˜€


  2. Wow Mani.. Such a lovely poem. Beautiful justification to the quote. ‘Offered himself as she gained ground
    With his heart wrapping her all around.’
    Can feel these lines. .
    Have a great day. πŸ™‚


  3. Beautifully crafted Maniparna.
    Love is indeed all pervasive and we have no clue what it brings when we are in love. It is like the quick sand that swiftly takes us in and we get instantly lost in the wilderness. Life is love and unless we experience the emotion and miss the emotion we will not able describe it or put it into the right set of words…this poem of yours is beautiful reflection before and after the experience of love.
    Kudos to you once again in encapsulating in such subtlety and with such sublime touch.


      • Yes, love is the most powerful force and it can be both an inspiration and if misused can be destroyer. It is a double edged sword…artists are romantic in their thoughts and love is the fuel that gives them the wings to fly far and wide, and make their thoughts beautiful…nothing can beat the power of this emotion, societies are made or broken when this force is unleashed…

        Maniparna, always love the deep thoughts behind your wonderful poems…

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