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fragile frames hold loads heavier than them
odd paths, thick weeds through which they pertain

they have families to feed
nature provides them their need
penury, the trusted friend
never leaves the side
keep on going
sustain and

This is a reverse Etheree.Β  Etheree is a ten-line poetry ascending in syllable count for ten unrhymed lines. It’s attributed to an American poet, Etheree Taylor Armstrong of Arkansas. An Etheree should focus on one idea or subject. A reverse etheree is just the opposite, that is, it’s written with descending syllable count.

Shared with Poets United’s Midweek Motif: Survival. The challenge was to speak about survival so that others may listen.

95 responses to “Survival

  1. Sometimes I simply wonder! How can one develop such a beautiful thought, while counting and maintaining the syllables! I once tried to write a haiku, and was hopelessly lost! Either I was able to continue with the beauty of the verse or the count of syllables. Aur, yaha to 10 lines hain, with decreasing syllables!

    Although I was lost in the maze, loved it to the core!

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  3. they have families to feed
    nature provides them their need
    These people are really true warrior to save the nature !! Great words dedicated to those who never speak their words !!


  4. Etheree!
    This is information for me which I had not heard of.
    It seems to be interesting and tempts to take a trial of writing a poem on that style.
    The way you have written and the topic ans subject you chosen is amazing.
    This I feel is an award winning poem; if I had one to give something for that I would have given it you for this.
    Do have a look at my latest Quotes and Poem.

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  6. You taught me what an “Etheree” is today, Maniparna. Lovely thoughts about “fragile” persons carrying heavy loads, taking care of their families. This shows how families around the world most of th he time care for their members and nature provides precious sustenance for them. Hugs, Robin β™‘

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  7. An extension of what Chaitali said, you really are talented πŸ™‚ Keep going!!!

    Nothing beats the hardship of tribal villages. They are neglected most of the times by the govt.

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  8. Oh yes friends who stand by are friends indeed..

    But hard work some have to go through daily .. How they manage to do I have no idea ..I don’t know if I will be able to do so. .

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  9. I would not know what to do with a sack of grain, but I might create something with a mess of greens, roots, bark, berries, and nuts–once. But everyday? And carrying water too? And no money or anything to buy? These women have my total admiration.


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